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Happy Birthday Sassy! I hope it's all you wish for! *mwah*

Did the gifts arrive? I am still working on the vid, sorry I couldn't get it finished in time. How about a Birthday Mix for now?

UK N01's for the week of September 12 1980-2008 )

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Happy, Happy Birthday to [ profile] killabeez & [ profile] giandujakiss! You are both such a wonderful presence in my little corner of fandom. I hope your day is what you wish for.

Also - [ profile] super_kc! I got a X-mas card from you this morning. Thank you.


Nov. 10th, 2007 09:26 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] stabbim! I hope your day is great. :)

Another call for X-mas cards. (poll at bottom.)
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You are a great guy and a great vidder, it's a pleasure to have you around. I hope your day is a great one. :D
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I hope your day is all you wish for. You know I love you more than [ profile] xandra_ptv, right? *mwah*

Did the other card and gift arrive?
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Have a great one, love! *mwah*
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Happy Birthday Sassy! You are a wonderful friend and I love you dearly. Have a great day today and have a fantastic time on your upcoming trip. *mwah*

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I'm not sure if I'm around much tomorrow so early Birthday greetings to ya [ profile] bradcpu! You are a great person, an awesome vidder and a lot more than that. Have a fantastic time with all your loved ones.

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[ profile] evil_trisha, Happy Birthday! I still love you. Have a great one!


Feb. 28th, 2007 12:39 am
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30mins into my birthday and I have been allowed to open one present. The rest have got to wait until morning apparently *rolls eyes* so Andrea ([ profile] thedothatgirl) yours come first. You know you're awesome, right? Thank you so, so much for the Tinker drawing and the pretty card too.

I've scanned it in. :D

ETA: I am so chuffed with this I've even made it into a desktop wall.
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Killa, you are fantastic! Have a wonderful fantabulous birthday with lots of cake! :D
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For your card...

Click me Click me Click me (right click save)
(sorry, the SPN vid has stalled :( it will get done eventually!)
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Xandra, Happy Birthday! I really hope you have a good one!

Also, Birthday wishes goes to [ profile] anoel Have a fantastic day. :)
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Have a fantastic Birthday hun and don't let that ankle get you down. ;) Drink and be merry. *big hugs*

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[ profile] dualbunny!

Have a wonderful day! ♥
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It's a day early ( I won't be around tomorrow). I hope you have a fantastic day and just enjoy yourself!
*hugs you*

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I want to thank all of you that made me cards, icons, sent me gifts and sent me Birthday wishes. You are all stars! God..I am so old! And so drunk! lol

[ profile] thedothatgirl, your card arrived this morning. What a nice surprise. :D I love that your card said “With age comes wisdom" it's much more subtle and nice than saying "you’re an old bastard" which was said many times today.
So yes, much thanks!
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I hope you have a wonderful Birthday with your family and friends.

Much love.

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Have a great Birthday [ profile] cala_jane !

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Have a great birthday [ profile] xandra_ptv! I hope you have lot's pf prezzies, booze and a good time with your family.
Love you lot's!

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