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Video Title: Seven Nation Army
Song Title/Artist: Seven Nation Army - Effcee
Shows/Source: Doctor Who, Sarah Connor, Battlestar Galactica, The Matrix trilogy, Transformers, I Robot.
Summary: Rainbow Coalition Vs fascist robots.
Length/Format: 3.38, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: Made for [community profile] vividcon Club Vivid 09.

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Links: Download Xvid (720x400 - 50MB) | Download Xvid (480x272 - 25MB) | Stream@Youtube | Stream@Bam Soon! | Stream@Blip

Feedback in all shapes and sizes is love.
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[ profile] kiki_miserychic & [ profile] zombiep0rn were the inspiration behind the vid.

Video Title: Unnatural Selection
Song Title/Artist: Pussycats Gone To Heaven (Pixies vs Pussycat Dolls) - DJ Lobsterdust
Shows/Source: Battlestar Galactica, Terminator: Sarah Connor, Terminator movies.
Summary: That body was made to look like a person. We were made in God's image.
***Images of apocalypse and violence that some may find disturbing.***
Length/Format: 3.36, (Xvid, Stream)
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[personal profile] kiki_miserychic has written an insightful commentary for this vid over at [community profile] vid_commentary. A little more of my choices is discussed in the comments.

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Links: Download Xvid (720x400 - 40MB) | Download Xvid (416x240 - 20MB) | Stream@Imeem | Stream@Youtube
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Made for [ profile] halfamoon's 14 Days of Celebrating Women challenge.

The complete zipped album files are on my own server so commenting when you take is much appreciated.

Main cover


Larger covers, tracklist and downloads this way. )
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[ profile] buffyann has recently made the most hypnotic and haunting season 3 Kara vid. It's exquisite and painful and it needs you all to go watch. If you download please feedback the vidder.
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Video Title: Mainstream
Song Title/Artist: Mainstream - Thea Gilmore
Fandom: BSG
Summary: This covers Starbuck from the mini series through to "Lay your burdens down". It's a pilot's life.
Length/Format: 3.13 (Xvid)

Download Xvid (720x400 - 39.9MB)
Med stream at imeem
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For [ profile] little_sparks (I hope you like it! It's quite plain...) and anyone else that wants it.

1680x1050 version here
1152x864 version here
1024x768 version here

texture from [ profile] gender
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The first 2 wallpapers are vectors made in Adobe illustrator.
I can't remember where I got some of the resources for the other walls now so I'll just link to here


1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Classic Beauty

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Battlestar Galactica

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Kirsten Dunst

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Abstract Vector

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

-I'll be back to capping now [ profile] millylicious. Honestly. ;)

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