Mar. 7th, 2009 04:25 pm
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It's been a long, long time since I made any art and I'm missing it. Anyone know of any good challenge/battle comms these days? I need to be inspired. Or does anyone feel like challenging me? Or making a request? I'm open to pretty much anything. :)
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but this time it's Jack and Nathan because [ profile] shadowgardens gave me a not so subtle poke and I was feeling creative.

It's in a slightly different style to the other Eureka walls but I like it and hope you do too. ;)


Also more caps for Eureka are now in the gallery.
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Me and Photoshop are friends at the moment so I offer 3 headers for usage. :) Take, comment, credit.

Heroes Nathan )
Life On Mars )
Doctor Who Rose )
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It's been some months since I last changed my layout here and now I have and I LOVE my new header!

I love it so much Bronze Ambition has it too. :D You'll need your sunglasses on.

Whilst I'm mentioning arty stuff [ profile] bradcpu likes the DVD cover art I made him >YAY! EXCELLENT! I'm feeling very exclamation-y today.
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Like a bat out of hell with plenty of icon space.

1680x1050 version
1024x768 version
1152x864 version
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Boys & Their Toys )
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for [ profile] get_creative, I made this Supernatural )
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7 vidding icons + 26 plain Alias icons this way )
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8 icons + 2 headers this way )
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For [ profile] little_sparks (I hope you like it! It's quite plain...) and anyone else that wants it.

1680x1050 version here
1152x864 version here
1024x768 version here

texture from [ profile] gender
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37 icons for the ep "Bad Blood" - Thanks for the challenge [ profile] astartexx!
More Here )

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It's been a while since I photoshopped so thanks for the push [ profile] astartexx


Heroes, House, Dirt, LWord + 2 misc icons this way... )

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I haven't really made any art for a while because everything I tried turned out sucky. Finally, I have something that I'm feeling ok about. It's a manip, the stocks and textures are from

1280x1024 version here
1024x768 version here
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The first 2 wallpapers are vectors made in Adobe illustrator.
I can't remember where I got some of the resources for the other walls now so I'll just link to here


1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Classic Beauty

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Battlestar Galactica

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Kirsten Dunst

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Abstract Vector

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

-I'll be back to capping now [ profile] millylicious. Honestly. ;)
charmax: (Pride) is holding a movie poster contest

"Attention all movie-loving lesbians with Photoshop skills and free time! We might not be seeing lesbian versions of Titanic, Snakes on a Plane, or Big Momma's House 2 on the big screen anytime soon, but wouldn't it be fun to imagine what they'd look like? Here's your chance: is holding a poster contest for The Lesbian Movie We Never Had."

Further details here

This is my entry (Mrs & Mrs Smith) wish me luck! :D
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I didn't want to post these walls with my last post so sorry for the spamming.

Eliza Dushku

1024x768 here
1280x1024 can be uploaded if wanted.


1024x768 here
1280x1024 can be uploaded if wanted.
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Come join [ profile] get_creative it's a new art challenge community. I hope to see you there!

My first 2 entries for challenge 1 - colours

1. Summer Sun
2. Face of an angel
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I have most of my art and resources back online now, I have only just got around to it since Bronze Ambition was hacked. I haven't re-uploaded all those screencaps yet, I'm not really sure what I am going to do about those. All my wallpapers, icons and textures are back though.

Something new to the collection - Scrapbook scans. I have just uploaded 44 for the use in fan art etc. You can get those here. All the other stuff you can get here.

Oh and I don't have a separate gallery anymore. I have decided to keep the art on my main site. (for now anyway)

Vidding! I am vidding Wonderfalls! :D

Astarte where are you?! I miss you tons.
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I have 2 new Veronica Mars wallpapers to share. Nothing more.

Stocks from istockphotos + Gender
click thumbs for 1024x768 versions.


ETA: There is no real point in me making a fresh post for one new wall...

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