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Video Title: Skinny Genes
Song Title/Artist: Skinny Genes - Eliza Doolittle
Source: Rizzoli & Isles
Summary: Take off your skinny jeans.
Length/Format: 02:30, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: Made for [personal profile] sol_se

Original post on LJ and on DW

Links: Download 31MB | Stream@Youtube

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Video Title: It's Not Over Yet
Song Title/Artist: It's Not Over Yet - Goldfrapp
Show: Merlin BBC
Summary: Nimueh shows Morgana the path to her destiny.
Length/Format: 2.53, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: No matter what version of the Arthurian legend I've watched or read I've always found Morgana the most interesting character. "Merlin" has been no exception. I was struck by how awful it must be to be a seer to know that you are destined to betray and lose everything and everyone you hold dear. Merlin's magic will go on to earn him authority, respect and love in Arthur's Camelot whereas Morgana is destined to be alone and ostracised by her "gift" in short she is going to become very much like Nimueh. I wanted to explore that in this vid. I imagined that Nimueh was connected to Morgana in the same way as the Dragon is to Merlin. So here we have Nimueh converting Morgana into Morgan le Fay and rather enjoying herself while she's doing it. The femslash vibe is entirely intentional so feel free to just look at the pretty.

Links: Download Xvid (640x352 - 35MB) | Stream@Imeem | Stream@Youtube

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Video Title: I'm your Man
Song Title/Artist: I'm your Man - Patricia O Callaghan

Source: Victor/Victoria, Tipping the Velvet, Twelfth Night, Sylvia Scarlett, Just One Of the Guys, Morocco, Star Trek Voyager, Xena, She's The Man, Queen Christina, Portrait Of A Marriage, Bound, Thelma & Louise, Buffy, Bionic Woman, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Calamity Jane, Deadwood, Cagney & Lacey, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, DEBS, Women's Murder Club, Fried Green Tomatoes, Bend It Like Beckham, Charlie's Angels old skool, Gia, If These Walls could Talk 2, Birds Of Prey, Rebecca, Lost & Delirious, Children's Hour, Hex, Nina's Heavenly Delights, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Dark Angel, Saving Face, Bad Girls, Alias, At Home With The Braithwaites, Rent, Fingersmith, Imagine Me And You, Color Purple, Alien Resurrection, Girl Interrupted, Queer As Folk US, The L Word, Sugar Rush, Ellen.

Summary: A celebration of media clichés.
Length/Format: 3.13, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: Made for the International Day Of Femslash. As it's a celebration of clichés I've allowed myself some truly spectacular literalism, I remain unrepentant.

Download Xvid (720x400 - 50MB) |Download Xvid (416x240 - 25MB) |Imeem |Youtube

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The International Day of Femslash is a day of celebration.

On the 19th July, 2008, the on-line femslash community has an opportunity to raise its head high and proclaim to the world its delight in all things femslash. Whether you're a seasoned writer, with hordes of ardent fans, or a timid newcomer, you have the chance to make your voice heard and to help put femslash well and truly on the map.

Simply post your stories, videos, graphics, essays, poems or other femslash related works to an archive, community, group or forum on 19th July, 2008, to show your support. Where you choose to post your creative efforts is up to you; although, we do hope to gather together an extensive list of web-sites, lj communities, Yahoo Groups and forums which support our efforts, but feel free to post widely to wherever femslash is welcome.

For too many years, femslash has been treated as the distant cousin to the het and slash king and queen of fandom, so this is our opportunity to demonstrate to ourselves, as much as anyone else, that we are a force to be reckoned with.

Spread the word.

Our aim is to provoke a positive avalanche of femslash material from across a wide range of fandoms, languages and geographical locations. However, the only way we're going to manage to do this is if everybody pulls together and not only posts on the day, but spreads the word beforehand so that as many people as possible are aware of the event.

You can find further details @ [ profile] passion_perfect
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Video Title: Boom Boom Ba (REMASTERED)
Song Title/Artist: Boom Boom Ba - Metisse
Show: Xena
Summary: This video focuses on the sensual aspects of the show Xena and the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. This was made originally in Oct 04 for a theme challenge and the theme was “lust”. This vid plays heavily on the lust, the swaying bodies and the subtext text.
Length/Format: 4.49, (RM, Xvid)

Notes: So, I decided to remaster this video because a few folk requested a DVD version. That wasn’t my only reason but it was the final push I needed. Of late I’ve been thinking about remastering a few of my older vids and this came first because I thought this would be the least difficult. That was what I thought anyway...but truthfully it was a bitch. Most of my problems related to timing and colouring. I know what I did before but the same thing didn't work second time around. Of course I have fixed the timing but the colours are not the same as the original. In fact I think the colours are even better and that is one of the things that I wanted to fix with the new version. The other main difference is visual quality! Back in 04 I was still making vids at relatively small file sizes. This version is bigger and much less muddy . Let’s just say I have learnt a lot in the past 18 months. I did make a few changes in clip choices, not many, and only chosen to make it flow better. This new video, though slightly altered from the old, still remains true to my original idea. It was made as a "mood piece" and that is what it is.

About the DVD version - I have never encoded to NTSC DVD before (PAL for me) so I hope that is all okay. I followed [ profile] vividcon's guide which was pretty straightforward on the matter. If any problems do arise please tell me and I'll fix it!

Anyway, I've very glad I finally got around to doing this; I think it was worth it. I hope you guys approve. :)

Feedback always welcome and never turned away.

Download Xvid (640x480 - 50MB. It's huge, sorry!)
Download RM (400x304 - 26.9MB)
stream at imeem

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