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This is my third and final volley with [ profile] astartexx for [ profile] art_battle

The challenge was to apply this stock to an art piece. It could be a wallpaper, a header, anything as long as I kept it cute. Seriously though, how could I not! I decided to do a header and 2 icons and because I was on a sugar rush I made some more misc mixed sweet icons.

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If you like anything here please help yourself and credit [ profile] charmax. Any stocks other than the one chosen for the challenge came from

[ profile] astartexx can you really leave the dark side? Let's see shall we. ;)
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Me and Photoshop are friends at the moment so I offer 3 headers for usage. :) Take, comment, credit.

Heroes Nathan )
Life On Mars )
Doctor Who Rose )
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It's been some months since I last changed my layout here and now I have and I LOVE my new header!

I love it so much Bronze Ambition has it too. :D You'll need your sunglasses on.

Whilst I'm mentioning arty stuff [ profile] bradcpu likes the DVD cover art I made him >YAY! EXCELLENT! I'm feeling very exclamation-y today.
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8 icons + 2 headers this way )


Sep. 19th, 2006 06:51 am
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I've changed my lj header... I like it! :D

That is all for now.
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I have been playing in illustrator and Photoshop doing work for my course and I thought I would make one of the flower pieces into a header image for lj. Not everyone wants something fandom based so it's free to anyone that wants it.

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- There is roughly about 2 hours left until Sweet Charity ends - Some ho's are still affordable, so get bidding! It closes midnight EST July 31st *facepalm* You can still bid now though!

- These are my 2 latest wallpapers. I don't think they are my bestest bestest ever artwork but they are not bad.


1280x1024 version
1024x768 version

Misc woman

1280x1024 version
1024x768 version

Oh and I was bored, I can't sleep because the neighbours smoke alarm has been going off for hours (no fire) so I decided to change my layout. I think it's pretty... what do you think? ;)

And while I'm doing random - how fabulous is Ed Harcourt? His voice is my new crush. :D [ profile] astartexx I think you would like him.

New layout

Nov. 19th, 2005 07:22 am
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Ok so it might be a little early... but bugger that. If the highstreet can have it's lights up already then so can I! :P

I'm really pleased and excited about this layout as it was all done from scratch. It was made using just custom shapes and the warp tool. Do you like?
I've also made it into a wallpaper :D

1024x768    1280x1024

ETA: Not sleeping - just photoshopping. )
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Yet another new LJ layout. I get bored very easily...
image purchased from

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So this is a right mixed bag.

Firstly I want to give a big pimp to the new 'Supernatural' vidding community run by [ profile] ringwench . If you are a fan of the show and are going to make/watch vids for it, then check it out here >  [ profile] supernaturalvid Go join! Go make!

Secondly, after making a header image for [ profile] supernaturalvid I felt the urge to make a wallpaper.
So here it is. 1024x768. Click the thumb to view. Images from Jensen Brushes from

And lastly..I said I wasn't sure if I would make any more LJ layout images... Well I lied! This time it's Brad Pitt. [ profile] astartexx  ♥ him lot's. :D

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I can't say if I will make any more of these or if it's just a one off. I had a few hours of free time tonight so this is what I did...
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New layout featuring the gorgeous James Blunt. I've gone a lot darker than the last two. To dark? Hmm.. I'm not sure..

Images from Textures from
It may still require tweaking..


Jul. 8th, 2005 11:26 am
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Yes another new layout. I get bored very easily. I hope it is pleasant enough on the eye.

Image textures from - hgxclusive background pattern from - Squidfingers  Kristen Bell images from - Kristen Bell Online

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