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It's been a while since I photoshopped so thanks for the push [ profile] astartexx


Heroes, House, Dirt, LWord + 2 misc icons this way... )

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I made this for the Reverie summer vidbite challenge. It's a "pop up" video for the shows The L word and QAF.
It's only a minute long, it's Xvid and it's 14.4MB

Download here :)

Feedback loved.
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I've been a bit down in the dumps lately and in need of a good laugh and for once The L Word delievered. :D The season 2 sessions soundtrack is now out! All 44 tracks of it. Of course with only 44 tracks somethings had to get cut. rofl So out go songs by Heart, Peaches, etc presumably they will appear on a second soundtrack cd! So on this one we are treated to just the glory of Betty.

Tracks have such attractive names as "Tina masturbates" and "lez boat". Also there is "Jenny writes" there are seven, yes SEVEN, of those cos you know people writing is sooo exciting in a visual medium. The absolute best bit though is that all those versions of the theme are here for us to.. erm... enjoy. The punk version also called the Hell word, country version (hell yeah word), Muzak Version (the elevator word), French version (the Elle word) etc etc. Unfortunately the version using a recorder, triangle, comb and paper and didgeridoo where the lyrics go "sucking, Whining, writing,writing, more fucking writing, whinging, bitching, thats the way that we live" was missing. That was the one where they let us in on the joke and say "yes we know the theme stinks but someones shagging a member of the band" (its called the Smell Word).

Think I'm making it up? You'll piss yourselves!
Check it out - yours for only $10.99! ----------->>>>

Oh and while we are on the subject of The L Word some more icons. I might not like the show that much but the women are pretty. :p
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This was just meant as a response to your comments [ profile] xandra_ptv but as you can see I went into a bit of a rant ;) lol

I know what you mean about it not following season one at all. For starters the way they wrote out Marina’s character was appalling. A European countess? With an older husband?! And she tried to kill herself over Jenny!!! Does that sound like the Marina we knew; who was Predatory, self assured, had no money and a controlling girlfriend of long standing? Things were just never referred to again such as the killing of Mr Piddles, that uncomfortable sex scene between Bett and Tina, Tim, and that woman who broke Shane’s heart.

And as for this season train wreck is right! But still we keep watching. I think Kit and Ivan was potentially a really strong storyline about how gender and sexuality are no longer set things. Unfortunately it seems the writers backed away from that and settled on a rather outdated view on sexual politics throughout the season. Jenny was frequently used as a mouth piece for some heavy handed feminist politics. I can’t help but feel that some of the writers at least, have become stuck in a late 80’s early 90’s position on lesbian feminism.

Which brings be to another point – someone needs to learn how to write male characters! Because it is a fact not all men are bastards and not all lesbians think that. I thought Tim and “Lisa” were bad enough last season, but this season we got treated to Kit’s “inspirational” boyfriend and Mark - sometimes seedy pornographer and sometime lesbian version of “fag hag” depending on which episode and who is writing it. Do you think they have ever heard of script conferences?

[ profile] xandra_ptv or [ profile] astartexx can you give me a bit of a back-story on Queer as folk? I’m thinking I might give that a go…

I know a fair bit about Brian and Justin and I know the women have the standard baby and “bed death” issues but what is the story with the rest of the guys?

The L Word

May. 17th, 2005 05:04 pm
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So I have just finished watching this weeks L Word and my thoughts on the season are …

It was a pretty decent ending to the season with Bett and Tina finally having their baby. It finished off the pregnancy storyline whilst leaving open for next season Alice and Dana’s relationship issues, Jenny’s mental health problems and Bett’s unemployment.
Am I the only one though, that felt embarrassed at the horribly stilted lesbian politics discussion at the wake?
On the whole I have been quite disappointed with the writing this season, characters have behaved erratically and characters and storylines have disappeared without any adequate explanation. I love Dana and Alice and I find their insecurities quite endearing. Shane remains a good representation of a kind of dyke you find in the “real world” that never usually shows up on TV. 

Next season though I can only hope certain things happen/don’t happen

  1. Less Betty and specifically less of the L Word theme tune popping up in weird
    variations during the show.
  2. Less strange sound effects!! Was that “Shane Shane Shane” during that sex
    scene?! And didn’t Tina hear some “Bett Bett Bett” sound effects some
    time? rofl
  3. Ok I get it – Jenny is an “artistic” type who’s driven her self a little crazy
    so no more friggin circus dream sequences! Please god!
  4. Please please please give Jenny and Alice something decent to wear next season.
  5. Please please please bring back that monstrous movie producer! I luvvved her lol
  6. And please god let them handle the self harm storyline in a realistic and
    sensitive way.

So I will probably be watching next season in the hope that it improves.

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