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For anyone who doesn't know what's been happening with Buff (my elderly, formerly feral, FIV cat) he has been very sick for about a week and had been hospitalised for rehydration. Fortunately although he isn't totally out of the woods it seems that the immediate crisis has come to an end and my beloved cat has managed yet another comeback. Fingercrossed the anti diarrhoea meds seem to be kicking in and we can start to put some weight back on him.
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Buff is seriously sick again. :(
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Not such good news about Buff. The vet said he was old and had quite a slow heart rate as well as slightly swollen lymph glands and "noisy lungs" hence the cough I took him for. All these symptoms coupled with what facts we know about his history led her to suspect one of the immune diseases was possibly the root cause of his problems. She tested him for leukaemia and FIV (feline AIDS). I was able to take him home and she gave me some antibiotics to give him to see if they help with any infection. The blood results came back as positive for FIV. Her advise was to have him euthanized within the next few days because he could pose a risk to other cats. I will minimise his contact with neighbourhood cats and make sure my other two don't eat off the same bowl as him and things like that but I am not ready to let go of my ugly/beautiful Buff just yet. My duty as a pet owner will of course mean that I will have to do what is right by Buff in the end but for now I will give him the antibiotics, put him on a high protein diet and minimise  any stress. I  believe I will know when the time is right to have Buff put down but that time isn't just yet. It is definitely depressing news but I will have to try to treat him as normal and try not to look at him as dead cat walking. As long as he still has a decent quality of life I am happy to carry on. I won't let him suffer, we love him to bits. ♥ 
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So after I had worked myself up for the trauma and potential upset of taking Buff to the vet-  it didn't happen. The little bugger went out at 5am and didn't come back til 6pm thus making any vet trip impossible until after the weekend. Which means I will have to steel myself all over again. Even now he has gone out. I am beginning to wonder if he is checking out another home.

Of course with the benefit of hindsight it was a mistake to let him out but he is an outdoor cat and goes ballistic if you try to keep him in. He hadn't had his breakfast so I was pretty confident that he would be back but he must have heard us plotting and stayed well away. Although I am making light of it I am genuinely quite worried about him. He has a bit of a cough and given his age and condition I would have preferred to have had him seen today.  He WILL go next week!!

I was tagged by [ profile] millylicious. All I seem to ever do is memes lately! lol

List three random facts about yourself that your friends might not know. And then tag five other friends to do it.

01. I have a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) which causes fertility problems/Insulin resistance.
02. I was a disco dancer, tap dancer, ballet dancer, gymnast.
03. I lived in 40 different locations in my teens.

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Everyone was very busy and postful last night! It's going to take a while for me to get back to you all...
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Today was a very sad day. The stray cat (Spike) me and Max have been feeding had to be put to sleep. The past few weeks we have watched her health slowly deteriorate and yesterday we noticed her stomach had ballooned in size. For a while we were thinking she might be ill but this stomach swelling really just developed in a matter of 2-3 days. Her breathing was weak too. We didn’t know this cat very long but in just this short time we had begun to bond with her, every time we opened the front door she was there with her big green eyes staring back at us, purring and asking for food. It is just so sad; she was such a sweet little cat.  What I think upsets me the most is not only that she was seriously ill but nobody was taking care of her, loving her. We were feeding her the past couple of weeks but what about before then? She wasn’t being cared for, her last few months was not in comfort.  I feel guilty because what if we had taken her in sooner? I know now there was nothing we could have done to change this outcome but we could have made her life a little happier. Did we do the right thing by taking her to the vets now? These questions are really aimed at myself. The sensible grown up part of me knows this was right and the kindest thing to do it just hurts when you have to make that decision. What has happened with Spike is now leaving a painful question - do we get Buff looked at? We don’t know where Spike originally lived but we’ve had our suspicions that Buff has come from the same home. All the clues point to that. The thought of taking Buff to the vet and then being told he too has leukaemia is ripping my heart out. Just the thought of it is too much. We love him to pieces, he is our third baby.  All three of the cats are more than just pets they are like children, part of the family and the thought of losing any of them is just agony.
Fortunately Buff is making steady progress he is putting on weight, eating and drinking copiously, he is happy and he doesn’t seem to be ill. But the question is still there – he is content and happy now but what if he does have Leukaemia any symptoms might not show for a while. But then knowing, is that a good thing? If he does have this illness they cannot cure him.  It is all leaving a heavy weight in my stomach I can’t sleep thinking about poor sad Spike and our Buff. I guess me and Max are going to have to do some serious talking.

I think I am going to have to try and get some rest, even if I don’t sleep I need to lay down and relax it’s another early rise tomorrow. I want to thank  [ profile] sandy_s  [ profile] colour_me_sassy [ profile] astartexx and [ profile] dualbunny for leaving comments on my last wallpaper. <3 I'll catch up with ou all soon. Hugs.
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I just want to say thank you to everyone who left kind messages for me in my last entry. I appreciate you all doing that. I don't feel so alone. Hugs.

It's nearly the weekend so the people I am waiting on will most likely not be in touch until Monday. It's a long time to wait but I will keep myself busy, try not to dwell on stuff...

It's my little sister's birthday on Sunday she is 16! That is a shocker lol.
Happy Birthday Em

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