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Today is More Joy Day! \o/

***Extremely image heavy*** )

51 pics.
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I get wed exactly 2 months today and I have my best man sorted! My cat Bailey having his dress fitting and looking very dapper too. :D

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Hi *waves* yep, it's been some time. I have my new computer, it's all sorted and it's "The Beast" with red flashing lights like a cylon. 'Tis cool. Vista has been absolutly fine since I took off all the extra crap that slows it down. It really is no bother. I had heard all these horror stories before I went and bought it but now I can't see what all the fuss was about. Pfft I say. *g* I think I'm pretty much ready for Vividcon now, Club Vivid and theme show vids have been uploaded and I have a non-attending premieres vid that may or may not be ready in time. Talking of vids, I've been searching around for a better streaming service because Imeen is really not doing much for me anymore. I would even go as far as to say Youtube is better. So, with that, and not finding any other real alternatives (Vimeo and Veoh don't work for me) I have decided to upload my vids there. I will still be keeping Imeem I'm just wanting that extra option.

me @ youtube

ETA: The Beast.

A mixed bag

May. 6th, 2007 03:48 pm
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I hadn't updated in a while so I thought I'd best had. Randomness ahoy.

I haven't given a general Bailey update for a while so I'll start with him. His lymph nodes were swollen for a while and when he failed to respond to antibiotics the vet was concerned that there was something dire up with him. Fortunately his blood tests and biopsy came back normal and the conclusion was that it was probably just a reaction of some sort to do with his castration. So my lovely ginger cat is going to be OK and just to prove how contrary cats are the lumps went down about a week after the vet gave him the all clear but not before I'd forked out close to £200 on vet fees. We've bought him a huge catty climbing frame to celebrate. Tinker and him get to fight over the best spots. Typically for the luck I have with these things I had mostly assembled it when I realised there was a fixing missing ( a tee nut for anyone who is interested in such things.) I couldn't get one at any of the local DIY shops so the alternatives were to dismantle it and send it back or find another way to repair it. A few (7) pics this way. )

As you can see I went with the cack handed repair. lol

For a long time now we have been living with the knowledge that there will be 8 new houses built on land the council have reclaimed from garages and the disused gardens behind our house. So as of Tuesday I will be living in the middle of a building site. I am absolutely dreading it. The noise will be appalling, hopefully it won't take the full 41 weeks they have estimated. Does it really take that long to throw up some houses?!

The Reverie style contest is due to end soon and I am absolutely stumped. I thought I would know quite a few people's styles but as it turns out I know bugger all. At least there will be some great vids to rec when the results come out. It's been fun to see what people have come up with and I can't wait for the discussion to start. I am going to be very interested to find out how people have come to their conclusions because like I said I am totally clueless about most of them. So many vids, so many styles so much paralysing vidder's block for me. Damn!!

I am making a start on the Sweet Charity vid. I love the song and think it is potentially a really interesting vid so hopefully that will help me overcome my whatever the opposite is of vid farr. I was also hoping to have a bash at a Vividcon Premieres vid which I was excited about but is currently mocking me from Premiere's editing window. Luckily I got my ClubVivid vids done before my current vidding slump hit. I may have been suffering from the return of the dreaded vid block but fortunately I have rediscovered my Photoshop love and so I have 4 new wallpapers to offer. If you are on Reverie then you have already seen these. )

I may as well add to the randomness of this post with some TV stuff. I'm way behind on Supernatural which is a shame because every Friday morning my flist is full of nothing but squee and discussion I can't read for fear of spoilers. I am still very much in love with Heroes in general and Hiro in particular. Why haven't I seen any Hiro vids? Peter and Claire pfft I want more Hiro and Ando. Rather surprisingly I'm liking Martha on Doctor Who. I could do without the hopeless crush aspect though. Captain Jack is due back in the next ep plus John Simm! How cool is that?! Oh Life on Mars - the ending was perfect but that doesn't stop me wanting more. Drive got axed just as everyone predicted which is a shame because I thought it was shaping up nicely. How can 4 eps possibly be enough to tell if a show will work?

Anyway, I think that's about it for now... that was exciting eh? ;)
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Back by popular demand ;) )

75 hos. Wow. The signing up doesn't close until the 14th.

[ profile] sol_se dropped by earlier to tell me about the love meme. It really felt good to see that this morning. Thank you I feel so loved!
I wish I had seen it sooner so I could have left something.

[ profile] astartexx I should have that vid/let ready in the next 24/48hrs.
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For those of you on my flist that don't like cats what is wrong with you? Jeez! don't click. Further experimentation with the new camera. )

Have you seen the Ho's you can buy at Sweet Charity? So far 26 of us have joined up! It's a lot but not nearly enough. Get joining it's for a great cause.

Right, must get back to vidding - lots of projects, so little time.

cat spam

Jan. 26th, 2007 07:20 am
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My kitty Tinker decided to pose for me - large images )
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Tagged by [ profile] astartexx

Name your top 20 list of lust (celebrities, fictional characters, real people).
- Include pictures if you can.
- Tag five people to do the same.

top 20 )

tagging - [ profile] colour_me_sassy, [ profile] titenani, [ profile] cala_jane, [ profile] thedothatgirl, [ profile] sassykittenjess
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Dustin Hoffman with breasts! Weird.

Free Image Hosting at
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Scamp's Day )
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9 new HQ scans from the UK promo of LOST. These are very large and may take a while to load. They were all scanned by myself - If you use - please comment + Credit. Thanks.
Please do not hotlink

Click the small images to open the large into a new window.


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