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Just stopping by to pimp. ^

Hopefully I'll have a vid ready for the International Day Of Femslash at the end of the week. :)
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I can't believe I haven't seen anyone do this on my flist yet. It's fun!

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If you haven't already go join [profile] fandom_counts

Livejournal has over 13 million journals created.

How many of those journals belong to members of fandom?

Let's find out.

Over 26,000 members already. Fandom surely is a power to be reckoned with.
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You know I said I was really busy with the club vivid vids? Well I am, but I have been suckered back into Reverie after months. The place has me completely hooked again and it's even got me feeling creative enough to open Photoshop! Bloody hell! Although I am back on there, and it's great, I will not be neglecting LJ and you lot.  I don't post that often here on *my* journal but I still consider it my main place.

Sweet Charity got off to a great cracking start yesterday. £2400.38/$4634.66/€3509.65 has been pledged already! Everyone is so fantastically generous it's hard to believe. The Power of Fandom strikes again. If my bidders are reading this > Thank you thank you! Don't stop bidding now though. ;) Below is a reminder of my offerings.

Vid: -These are the shows I can vid for you: Buffy, Angel, Xena, Dead like me, 4400, Hex, Deadwood, Carnivale, BSG, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Firefly, Bad Girls (Seasons 1-3), Dark Angel, Alias, Torchwood/Dr Who (Not old school), Life on Mars, House, Heroes, Rome, X-Files Plus any movie that can be rented (except gore fests).

Song choice: Not rap or heavy metal please. A choice of 2, possibly 3 songs would be very helpful.

Genre: All.

Buyer input: Pick a song and a show and either leave it at that or give me a theme, tone and character. Obviously draft versions can be discussed via email.

Some of my most recent vids can be streamed at the link below.

Older vids can be downloaded from my site

ETA: thanks [ profile] laurashapiro, [ profile] untrue_accounts and [ profile] wide_ocean for name dropping. It always helps. :D

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For those of you on my flist that don't like cats what is wrong with you? Jeez! don't click. Further experimentation with the new camera. )

Have you seen the Ho's you can buy at Sweet Charity? So far 26 of us have joined up! It's a lot but not nearly enough. Get joining it's for a great cause.

Right, must get back to vidding - lots of projects, so little time.
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1. Vector banner + icon (Use if you like) )
2. Candleburn video tech notes.
3. There is something else that goes here but I forget at the moment...


Sep. 19th, 2006 06:51 am
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I've changed my lj header... I like it! :D

That is all for now.
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- There is roughly about 2 hours left until Sweet Charity ends - Some ho's are still affordable, so get bidding! It closes midnight EST July 31st *facepalm* You can still bid now though!

- These are my 2 latest wallpapers. I don't think they are my bestest bestest ever artwork but they are not bad.


1280x1024 version
1024x768 version

Misc woman

1280x1024 version
1024x768 version

Oh and I was bored, I can't sleep because the neighbours smoke alarm has been going off for hours (no fire) so I decided to change my layout. I think it's pretty... what do you think? ;)

And while I'm doing random - how fabulous is Ed Harcourt? His voice is my new crush. :D [ profile] astartexx I think you would like him.


Feb. 15th, 2006 06:54 pm
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I've got my new laptop hooked upto the net now. It all feels very strange and alien compared to my desktop, it's going to take a lot of getting used to! Just thought I'd share that. :P Ive had to go out and buy a gaming mouse because the touch pad is near useless. How anyone can possibly use that thing is beyond me.
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This has been spreading across my flist so like a sheep I follow.

Pick 5 or 6 words that you think best describes me. Go on it'll only take a few seconds. ;)

click me


Nov. 29th, 2005 06:44 am
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If your mom was just about to turn 50 what would you buy her? Jewellery maybe? The thing is I don't know my mom very much at all and her 50th birthday is a big deal. She did want to go up in a hot air balloon but that doesn't look likely to happen now as her health hasn't been good (She has diabetes and her hypos are out of control). Oh and the weather. We got our first lot of snow today; it's pretty deep and hard, not all fluffy. So back to the subject of my mom’s birthday it's on the 20th Dec. Is jewellery a good option? It's not likely to offend is it...? She does like porcelain dolls but I have no clue whatsoever of brands. Which is a good make/quality etc. Another thing she likes is ornaments. Again not sure what type. Brass maybe...

What would you do/get for a mom you barely know? Hmm

While I'm here I just want to pimp this new [ profile] colorizations community. Also [ profile] art_battle if you have time please join up to both. Go on its fun! :D

ETA: I would just like to thank you [ profile] astartexx, anon and [ profile] bunnythenavia for your suggestions. I've actually got something now )

ETA: x2 My mother is going up in a hotair balloon. Not my choice but my sisters... Hmmm.
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Dustin Hoffman with breasts! Weird.

Free Image Hosting at
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This is the time of year when all the TV shows I watch start to air sporadically and I struggle to keep track of them. So I took the opportunity to check through my list and I found that I have already dumped the majority of the shows I started with this season.

My loyalty to ex Buffy actors led me to try out “How I met your mother”, “Kitchen confidential” and “Bones”. I didn’t stick with any of them but I think I would probably be a casual viewer of “Bones” if it ever makes it across the Atlantic but I’m not going to actively seek it out.

I’ve never been a huge fan of crime or medical shows so I suppose I was unlikely to be blown away by “Bones”. The only procedural shows I’m still watching are “House” and “Cold Case”. I love the characters in “House” so I’m able to ignore the fact that I really don’t understand much about each medical mystery. “Cold Case” is kind of a guilty pleasure – I don’t think it is great telly but I quite like the social history and visualisations of the flashbacks.

I was hopeful that I would like the whole bunch of paranormal/alien shows that premiered this season but most of them failed to maintain my interest so  I only watched a couple of eps of “Threshold”, “Surface”, “Invasion” and “Night Stalker”. I have found “Ghost whisperer” to be entertaining in a kind of unassuming sort of way. It doesn’t blow me away but it is a pleasant enough way to pass an hour. “Supernatural" is the only one of the new shows that has really gripped me. It has some proper scary moments and I find the focus on just the two brothers rather than a wider cast gives it quite unique feel.

Of the continuing series I have stuck with “Hex”. I still have a soft spot for it even though it is totally bonkers and refuses to follow even its own dubious logic. Although I have continued to watch “Alias” I do feel it is struggling this season. It seems to be generally assumed that this will be the last season and I hope that they will be able to deliver a decent finale because it would be a shame for it to go out on a whimper.

This brings me to my two favourites from last season “Lost” and “Veronica Mars”. I have to say that I have been quite disappointed in the second season of “Lost” so far. I know it is “Lost” and nothing should be taken for granted but the hatch reveal and the tail section survivors have not been great developments for me so far. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Ana-Lucia gets some character development and that something awful and permanent happens to Michael because his constant whining is really getting on my nerves now.

I haven’t noticed a lot of raving about “Veronica Mars” this season. I hope that doesn’t mean it is getting killed in the ratings because I am still very much in love with this show. I feel that second season has developed from the first, the new cast members are not jarring and the writing remains solid. I like the return of snarky Logan, the “Veronica Mars accuses me of evil” scene was just brilliant. I also like that Wallace has been given a bit more to do this season he is a great sidekick but Veronica does take him for granted and it is good to see him stand up for himself.

So there we have it - my not very interesting commentary on the shows I’ve been watching and the ones I’ve given up on. In fact this post is just a way of padding out yet another “look at my wallpapers” entry. :D

House 1024x768 (click thumb)

Veronica Mars 1024x768 (click thumb)

brush/texture credits

p.s.  My vidding dry spell continues...I've had several ideas for vids in various fandoms but so far none of them have come to fruition.

LJ is odd.

Oct. 25th, 2005 12:45 am
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Is it just me, or is LJ eating your comments as well? One minute comments are there, I go to reply and they have gone again. Hmm strange.

Oh and while I'm here posting this I want to say a thank you to [ profile] colour_me_sassy, [ profile] evil_trisha , [ profile] haltlos , [ profile] cala_jane , and [ profile] astartexx for your feedback on the wall below.

ETA: Also much thanks to [ profile] cassiee, [ profile] dualbunny and [ profile] benmars. ♥

It's very nice of you all and I am all *embarrassed* lol
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This is a big yipee moment. My webhosting has always been pretty good/reliable now I have just found out they have increased my package at no extra charge! It was huge before but now it is humongous.
I don't think I'll ever fill it but it is so good to have. So flist...if you ever need a site/video hosting e-mail me and we'll talk business. ;)

Ok so more bragging - these are the specifics.

Disk space:

Before - 10GB
After - 20GB
Increase by - 200%

Data Transfer:
Before - 200GB
After - 500GB
Increase by - 250%

Mail addresses :
Before - 100
After - 1,000
Increase by - 1,000%

It's good isn't it?! :P

Other stuff - Happy Birthday [ profile] wendigo5496 I really hope you have a good one!

I have been a little behind on everyone’s posts the past couple of days. Today has been very busy and I'm shattered, so I don't think I will be able to catch up tonight.

[ profile] evil_trisha did your salt and vinegar crisps arrive? They went in the post last Thursday. I didn't forget you. ;)

Arghhh I still have so many icons to do for [ profile] creative100 I am way behind. I thought making 100 icons wouldn't be so bad but I was wrong. I don't know when I'm going to get them finished let alone help you out [ profile] haltlos! lol
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So this is a right mixed bag.

Firstly I want to give a big pimp to the new 'Supernatural' vidding community run by [ profile] ringwench . If you are a fan of the show and are going to make/watch vids for it, then check it out here >  [ profile] supernaturalvid Go join! Go make!

Secondly, after making a header image for [ profile] supernaturalvid I felt the urge to make a wallpaper.
So here it is. 1024x768. Click the thumb to view. Images from Jensen Brushes from

And lastly..I said I wasn't sure if I would make any more LJ layout images... Well I lied! This time it's Brad Pitt. [ profile] astartexx  ♥ him lot's. :D

View Here )
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I shall be going to bed shortly, I need to get up early tomorrow because after much debate me and Max decided to book Buff into the vets. He is still well-ish but he could do with getting looked over - just to be on the safe side. We should know a little more tomorrow evening. I'll update about Buff then. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the dreaded leukaemia word doesn't arise. 

One last thing -

1. Reply and I'll write something about you.
2. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
4. I will tell you my first memory of you.
5. I will tell you what animal you remind me of.
6. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you.
7. Then post this in your own journal.

snagged from [ profile] titenani :D
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I've had an extremely stressful week which is going to be the pattern all through the summer - weekdays hectic - weekends a few hours to myself. I am not going to bore you all with the daily grind of real life stuff at the moment but what I am going to do is just post some wallpapers here and there. I might have a couple to post later on. :)

On the vidding front - I am vidding! I open up premiere every time I get a chance. I have 3 projects on the go, so at some point in the not to distant future I will have another video ready to be viewed by the general public. Be honest that is what you are all waiting for isn't it? You don't want my real life ramblings do you? lol 

One thing I must get off my chest is the new Harry Potter! I know many other people have had their say on the book but these are my thoughts. :D )
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So a few of you know I'm renovating my house or flat shall I say. Well it's going slower than I was anticipating I need to wait longer before I can lay the carpets. The new kitchen and bathroom will be installed in 4-6 weeks time. I'm still doing the paintwork in the mean time. Hmm so yeah I was just going to show you a pic of the new sofa's I've ordered. Not bad for my price range! I will have more pics [ profile] astartexx as time goes on.

So was this a dull post or what? lol I'm just passing time, I can't sleep.
I will have more interesting posts to make in future. Maybe..

Oh and I'm in the middle of making a Logan/Weevil video! First vid for this pairing isn't it? It's damn hard work but hopefully it'll turn out ok. :D

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