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Some of my favourite vids to come out of Vividcon this year. From all shows, in no particular order of preference. I enjoyed many other vids that are not listed here but not knowing what to say other than YAY I've decided to leave them off.

Life Of Leisure (Veronica Mars) [personal profile] trelkez.
Oh Veronica and Logan you are so wrong for each other and yet I can't help but root for you. A really smart look at their relationship.

Wild Horses (Farscape) [personal profile] dualbunny.
I think this might well be one of my favourite relationship vids ever. Which is weird because I think I've only ever watched about three eps of Farscape. This is such a powerful portrait of a grown up relationship and makes me realise how rare that is in shows.

Twinkle, Twinkle (Doctor Who) [personal profile] kiki_miserychic.
Just when I thought the angels couldn't get any creepier this vid just amps it up in typical [profile] kik_miserychic style.

Vindicated (Multi) [personal profile] damned_colonial.
I loved this vid for the kickass women but particularly enjoyed the idea of women throwing off the shackles of the expectations placed on them during a period of time when a woman's good reputation was considered particularly important.

Take On Me (Doctor Who) [personal profile] trelkez.
Doctors and their companions in all their adorable variety.

If I Had You (Legend Of The Seeker) [personal profile] dualbunny.
A superhot Richard/Darken Rahl vid that it's impossible not to love.

Dancing With Myself (Gene Kelly) [personal profile] jetpack_monkey.
So much joy in this vid and it is just great fun to watch.

Dance Across The Floor (Scrubs) [profile] littleheaven70.
A feel good dance vid that has me dancing in my seat.

Name Of The Game (Legend Of The Seeker) [personal profile] bradcpu.
More Seeker hotness which combines awesome action sequences and ridiculously suggestive imagery to great effect.

Livin' La Vida Loca (Ashes To Ashes/Life On Mars) [personal profile] rhoboat.
A great tribute to the shows and particularly to the cars as characters in their own right.

Candy Man (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory/Willy Wonka) [personal profile] obsessive24.
Creepy and amusing.

Boom Boom Pow (Fringe) [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl.
This song always struck me as rather meaningless. It doesn't anymore and I never get tired of Olivia's awesomeness.

For Your Entertainment (Battlestar Galactica) [personal profile] dualbunny.
I will NEVER be able to hear this song without being creeped out again. I have to admit to finding it rather gratifying to see Tyrol's behaviour called in to question in this vid. Why did the show never bother to do that?

Stay Awake (Multi) [personal profile] laurashapiro.
Another creepy vid that I love but find really hard to watch.

Bend (Multi) [personal profile] danegen.
This has been rec'd all over and rightly so. It is a great deal of fun and I particularly enjoyed how it included all sorts of women and particularly the real life women drivers and aviators.
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Some more amazing [community profile] festivids vids that I never rec'd before. All of them are genius in one way or another.

Here It Goes Back Again - Back to the Future trilogy (Movie) made by [personal profile] thingswithwings.
Of Monsters and Heroes and Men - Gladiator (Movie) made by [personal profile] such_heights
Feel It - So You Think You Can Dance (TV) made by [profile] millylicious
Mother Mary - China Beach (TV) made by [personal profile] fan_eunice
Radar - Die Hard (Movie) made by [personal profile] trelkez
Let's Misbehave - White Collar (TV) - made by [personal profile] trelkez

[personal profile] thuviaptarth was the person that made me Etheric Messages the Fringe vid. I am very, very lucky!! :D

Previous festivids recs.
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I enjoyed all of these but I've also left out a few others because I don't want to out myself. I'll come back to those when the reveals go up. The Masterlist of all 70+ vids for a huge variety of fandoms is here.

In no particular order.

Title of vid: Never Be
Fandom: Criminal Minds (TV)
My comment: Wow!! It's so hard to watch but for all the right reasons. It is such a sophisticated use of the source that it absolutely does not matter that I don't watch the show because none of the main characters are even in it. I ache for these women and admire their resilience. Awesome!
Go watch.

Title of vid: Treat Me Like a Villain
Fandom: Dark Angel (TV)
My comment: An absolutely perfect distillation of the show. I'm left speechless by the deft handling of the music and the themes. Fantastic vid for a show I'd forgotten I loved so much.
Go watch.

Title of vid: The Transported Man
Fandom: The Prestige (Movie)
My comment: Awesome vid! I have seen the film but it didn't leave anything like the impression this has. So very twisting and twisted.
Go watch.

Title of vid: Past in Present
Fandom: Chak De! India (Movie)
My comment: I must hunt down this source (reminds me a of Bend it like Beckham so much). I'm intrigued thanks to this marvellous vid.
Go watch.

Title of vid: Passenger Fever
Fandom: Twin Peaks
My comment: Absolutely amazing. I had no idea "Fever" could be such a disturbing song. I love how you managed to find space for both the weirdness that is Twin Peaks and the deeply disturbing relationships at the centre of it.
Go watch.

Title of vid: Stand By Your Man
Fandom: Wild Wild West - 1965 (TV)
My comment: LMAO. Don't know the source from a hole in the ground but that is one of the funniest things I've seen in ages!
Go watch.

Title of vid: Move Your Feet
Fandom: Thoroughly Modern Millie (Movie)
My comment: Awesome! How come I've never seen this film?! I must go remedy that. There's joy in every bouncing step.
Go watch.

Title of vid: Would You Be Mine?
Fandom: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV)
My comment: So very sweet. I love the banter between the two.
Go watch.

And looky what was made for me! The most AWESOME Olivia Dunham, Fringe vid. It really doesn't get much better than that.
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Look at what anon made me for festivids!! is an Olivia Dunham, Fringe vid. It's brilliant and stunning and everyone should go watch it. Like now.

I'll be back later with other festivid vids I've enjoyed, the ones I couldn't have possibly made.

Vid recs

Jan. 14th, 2010 01:26 pm
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2 vids that have had me beaming already today.

talitha78's "Fireflies" for the movie: Up
thedothatgirl's "If it gives you joy" a Whedonverse multivid.

Can't wait for festivids now!

Vid recs

Apr. 28th, 2009 07:17 am
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I got my Club Vivid vid in just under the wire. Phew! Now I just have to sit on it for 3 months.

2 vids I've recently enjoyed by other people.
[ profile] threezerotwo - Follow Me into the Darkness, Kara, BSG.
[ profile] aycheb - Nobody loves you, Ellison, T:SCC.
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Here are 2 vids that I've recently enjoyed. They both cover a similar theme of the "ordinary people" and the Adama/Roslin administration but come at it from slightly different angles. One makes my heart ache and one makes my head spin. Both are intense and thought-provoking.

Trapdoor Trigger by [ profile] beccatoria.
Slow Down Gandhi by [ profile] obsessive24.


Jan. 16th, 2009 01:39 pm
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You know that second Merlin vid I briefly mentioned here? Well, it's kinda on hold until possibly Vividcon. Heh.

Did everyone see the awesome Charmax tribute/meta-y women and technology vid that [ profile] counteragent posted yesterday, for more joy? She blinded me with science.
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This is feedback/recs for the wonderful DVD that [ profile] millylicious sent as a wedding gift. Everyone check out the vids and leave feedback for the vidders because they're all amazing!

The one that I want- [ profile] countessmary.

This was such a fabulous surprise, all these wonderful people and their congratulations. Thanks to Morgan Dawn, Mary Crawford, Brad, Kiki, M Phoenix, Trisha and Stefan, stabbim, Steffi, Zohar, giandjua kiss, killa, Andrea, afterthought, buffyann, legoline, balistik. I hope that's everyone. It was so cute and sweet and such a lovely thing to put together. Also all those 80s memories flying back at me was kinda scary.

Field Below - [ profile] thedothatgirl

I love the tone of this. The introduction of the town and then we see Alma and her first view of it through her window is one of violence. Alma is first seen outside when she is collecting her husband’s body. Deadwood is a dangerous place and Alma doesn’t belong. Although she forms connections with Trixie and Bullock she is still seen looking out trapped inside a respectable, dignified façade. There is a real sense of restrained longing and a woman constrained by the times she lives in.

It’s a really beautiful, haunting vid with poor Alma perpetually looking out at the world, the quiet dignity of the final shot of her turning her back was just perfect.

Goodbye Mr A - [ profile] mranderson71.
The Matrix

OMG so much fun. I love Neo’s reaction to Bill and Ted and the lip sync and the literal head fuck gag. All done with characteristic perfect timing and great editing. Love the tongue in cheek approach to the source.

Just Abuse Me - [ profile] xandra_ptv
Dr Who

Companions getting fucked up by the Doctor, must be a Xandra vid. I love the bit with Harriet Jones and her id badges she really should feature in vids more often, and she fits in perfectly here because she did get royally screwed. I love that shot of Jack looking all heroic as he beams out. Sarah Jane grows up but she still comes running when he needs her. The Doctor really was an utter dick around Martha at least she followed Sarah Jane’s lead and got a life and a role of her own. River Song sacrificing all for someone who doesn’t know her, yet and him being pretty obtuse as ever. Poor Donna! Now even the Tardis comes when he clicks his fingers. He’s just so oblivious to other people’s emotions sometimes it makes you want to slap him and he always turns his back in the end.

Cuckoo - [ profile] obsessive24
Angel The Series

Such a neat spin on Lindsey and Angel. What Lindsey pursues so desperately just seems to land in Angel’s lap ( Darla, Wolfram and Hart, even the city itself.) No wonder he sees Angel as the cuckoo in the nest. I love the distort warp on the faces reflecting how they are warped versions of those family relationships. Also I love the sense here of Angel having become Wolfram And Hart’s man without really realising it and there he is a lonely man in a big office.

Overflowing - [ profile] astartexx

A surprisingly strong view of Joanie. Everyone underestimates her and writes her off. Hers is a quiet sort of resistance. Her role as perpetual care giver is continued with Jane but at least it’s not all one way traffic this time. Hand hold on “tell them who I am” is just so perfect and Jane’s arm flail on the drum roll is just awesome.

Soap in a Bathtub - [ profile] kiki_miserychic
L Word

I would never have figured this for a Shane vid but it works so well. The same pattern repeating again and again always felt pretty lazy on the part of the show. I really struggle with the L Word’s ropey character development where some characters change overnight for no reason (Helena) while others (Shane) never seem to learn or progress at all. You really made that work for you in this vid and it really made sense of Shane’s constant self sabotage. The nightclub on the “murky waters” line was great. As for the having found what others are looking for that’s so sweet. As me old Gran used to say “there’s a lid for every pot” which was pretty annoying old lady gibberish at the time but kind of makes sense now.

Fool’s Gold - [ profile] millylicious
BSG Razor

It is awesome to have someone make you a vid so you don’t have to do it yourself. This is very much the sort of images that were in my head when I picked the song for the fan mix. Kendra lost, alienated and haunted. Love the black and white and the spaced out feel of the beginning.

The Reckoning - [ profile] astandra_lay

Femslash galore from the two vidders that know me best, how could it not be perfect. Love the transitioning of the same actresses in different roles. I love that its not remotely sweet but has the same competitiveness and edge that you normally get with the boys. I think it reflects it’s authors perfectly.


I shall update the links as they go up.
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I really enjoyed this multi-fandom video today. [ profile] aruna7 has done a fantastic, energetic, coherent job with so many shows/movies represented.

links this way.
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It's the first day of [ profile] halfamoon's 14 day challenge and this is my offering.

Please feel free to list your own A to Z of women centric fanvids or even adapt this for characters, action vids etc. I'd love to see other people's lists.

this way )

Please Note: I cannot guarantee quality with all of these vids. The challenge was to find them.
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Reese ([ profile] dreamrequiem), who's Carnivale vid I recently rec'ed has come back with another truly awesome video. This time it is multi-fandom "the tormented, lonely lives of four heroes from different worlds" and features Angel, Ben, Dean, and the tenth Doctor from Angel, Carnivale, Supernatural and Doctor Who respectively.

This was my comment to her: "It must have been quite a challenge to mix those sources so well. Doctor Who is so bright and colourful, Carnivale is so monochrome and Supernatural is so dark you really made it work for the vid rather than against it. I think the darkness inside these four characters really comes through as does a sense of a destiny that can't be avoided no matter how hard they try. I love the way it builds as each of the characters begin to lose control. Awesome."

This vid is incredible, you must watch now.

Tragic Heroes (stream @ Imeem)
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This is my final rec for the week. Today's vid is for the show Supernatural and the vidder is [ profile] pharis.

This was my comment to her: "I love the way the music works for this vid. It's not an obvious choice but it's so powerful and really makes me feel for the Winchesters and what their mission costs them, the yearning to lay down their weapons and be normal and the determination to keep fighting is so emotional. What a great vid. (Plus lovely gun p0rn.)"

There are a couple of stray frames but it's not hard to look past that because the overall editing is really strong.

View "Riverside" at stage6

ETA: This is the livejournal entry for it.

ETA2: Wow, apparently this is their first ever vid. I wish I'd been that good with my first or even 5th.
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[ profile] lissie_pissie has made a Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy off of House) vid.

This was my comment to her: "What a sweet tribute video. I hadn't realized Lisa was in so many shows! You've really put lens flares to good use here, very creative."

If you are a fan of Lisa/Cuddy then check it out.

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Today's vidrec is for the show Jericho and the vidder is [ profile] brighette.

This was my comment to her: "I haven't seen many Jericho vids so it was great to find this. I think it's a fantastic ensemble piece that really highlights the pulling together of Jericho's inhabitants and the battles they face together. It achieves a really good balance between the emotional aspects and the action. Great stuff!"

All comments are screened but I wouldn't let that stop you. There are streaming and download options but I'd advise going with the med dl.

Citizen Soldier this way.
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I have just watched the most incredible Carnivale vid, it was made by Jaidan. I love how the vidder has captured so many things about the Carnivale world that I love. The good vs. evil and the grind of every day life. There is so much more about this vid but it needs many more viewings. The editing is superb. GO WATCH now.

"Creatures Of Light And Dark" (Stream @ Imeem)
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I've watched some great vids this week but none that stand out more than Foomatic's most recent video "Superstar" to the movie Boy's Don't Cry. The vid, like the movie, is so raw, so passionate, so emotionally draining that it hurts. Even with all that Foo has managed to make it feel a little more positive without shying away from the inevitable tragedy. Brandon, whose story this is, really was a superstar.

Stream at Imeem.

If you watch it please take a moment to tell the vidder what you think.
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Savage Anna has made a great angsty Peter/Claire AU (Heroes.) She uses starglow/shine very effectively to enhance the mood. Also, Peter and Claire are kissing! Another example of manipulation. It's a trend isn't it?

View "Crashed" at Imeem.
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Yesterday and today I watched 2 vids by vidders who are new to me and enjoyed them both.

[ profile] shazzerwise made a LOST Desmond episodic vid which really doesn't feel at all like an episodic. She has done wonders with so little source. The vid is about Desmond's journey past and present and the vidder intercuts wonderfully to illustrate that. It's full of atmosphere. As a side note, the footage is a little jerky which I think is down to encoding because I experienced something similar with LOST footage way back, it's well worth looking past that.
Lost: The Lake

The second one was made by [ profile] tzegha and is a Life vid. It's an intriguing, tension building look at Charlie and the conspiracies that surround him. The vidder has used repeated imagery and awkward motion that really plays well against the rising suspicion amongst the key players. Well worth a watch.
Life: I Don't Know

If you take a browse please take a moment to feedback the vidders.
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JOY click here click here click here
A tribute to vidding - Multi-fandom video commentary

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