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As I mentioned previously, once the Reverie style contest was over I'd have some recs to share. [ profile] bradcpu and [ profile] obsessive24 have already beaten me to the punch with these but I wanted to mention them as well because these were my pick of the bunch. I've reached vid talk overload (almost) so here are the recs with lazy copy and paste comments. Please tell the vidders what you think!

Vertigo by [ profile] bradcpu
Show: House
House as a sort of Xbox game trailer? That shouldn’t work should it? And yet it does. Perfectly! I absolutely love it when vids surprise me like that. I don’t really know where to start but it is just so awesome. You don’t have to know House to love it because it is visually stunning but there is enough in there to reward people who know the context. Motion, Motion, Motion it’s all about the motion except it isn’t because there is a decent overview of season 2 in there too. It flies by in a whirl of images all of which compliment the next.

Precious by [ profile] xandra_ptv
Show: Dexter
I haven’t seen Dexter and it’s not really the sort of show I’d ever be into but I absolutely love this vid. It manages to make serial killer/sociopaths seem quite sympathetic! I came to the vid knowing next to nothing and yet was able to follow the plot with ease and that’s all credit to the vidder. It’s gross and yet strangely beautiful and the song really pulls the narrative along, it feels like the song could only have been made for Dexter. It should make everyone want to watch this show.

One Of A Kind by [ profile] obsessive24
Show: Heroes
That song is just sooooo Sylar. It’s an inspired choice. This vid really gets inside the head of Sylar and somehow humanises him for me. “I am one” - he may not be a hero in the conventional sense but he does have superpowers which to his twisted way of thinking makes him one of the heroes but also far superior than the rest of them, “one of a kind”. It’s very easy to follow and also has some great subtle moments where the visuals match specific sounds in the audio, the toaster melting springs to mind and the cockroach at the beginning like a clocks springs unwinding. It’s all very classy and really brings Sylar to life for me whereas in the show I didn’t quite get him. This really puts flesh on the bones and I now see him in a slightly different light.

Break by [ profile] bananainpyjamas
Show: BSG Lee
I should state from the start that I cannot abide Lee Adama. I care not one iota for him in the show. That’s why I give this vid such credit because actually here, I kind of do give a damn. It’s an angsty song for an angsty character and it sucked me in from the start. There’s some great motion and some fast cutting that is consistently good throughout. It starts with the first sound of the intro and carries right through to the jump cut/single frame fireball crashes at the end. It’s all so very shiny it’s hard to pick out individual examples.
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Video Title: Birth Of A Geisha
Song Title/Artist: Song Of Birth - Eri Sugai
Movie: Memoirs Of a Geisha
Summary: This is a journey from girl to Geisha. Character study/film overview
Length/Format: 3.38 (Xvid)
This was my entry in the Reverie style contest. Vidders were asked to submit anonymously and then members were invited to guess who made what and provide feedback before the vidders were announced. It was great fun and I learned a lot. Half the people who voted guessed me right. I suppose that means I must have quite a distinctive style.

About the vid itself, I don't know what the actual English translation is and all my research pointed to the artist using her voice as an instrument rather than specific lyrics. If it is hideously inappropriate at any point I'm sorry for that but I chose to edit it as if it was an instrumental piece. Memoirs of a Geisha is a beautifully shot film and I did my best to utilise that. I roughly followed the narrative of the film but I did take some liberties, perhaps the biggest of which was the decision to remove the fourth Geisha (Piglet) from the vid altogether.

Download Xvid (960x400 - 85MB)
Download Xvid (720x304 - 35MB)
Med stream @ imeem
[Embedded Imeem] )

Feedback is extremely welcome.
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The Reverie style contest is is in it's final stages now so once that's over completely, in a couple of days, I'll have a few recs to share. There have been some *fantastic* vids come out of it. Dexter, House and Heroes to name a few. I may also have one of my own...

In the meantime here are a couple of awesome Smallville & Animated videos to check out. I was suggesting them for [ profile] vividcon's experimental and Saturday Morning Cartoon vidshows so I thought I may as well plug them here too. If you download them please feed the vidders. :)

Vidder: [ profile] mranderson71
Title: Ultra Violent Deunan
Fandom: AppleSeed
This combines live action audio from the trailer of Ultra Violet with AppleSeed's visuals to make a stunning combination.
stream at imeem

Vidder: [ profile] frivolity65
Title: Bionicle
Fandom: Bionicle 2
Frivolity brings her unique vidding style to Bionicles.
download at vidders page

Vidder: Becky
Title: Confession
Fandom: Smallville
This vid uses Smallville footage Chloe and Lex with the tango scene from Moulin Rouge to make a very sexy vid which is also unique in it's story-telling.
download at vidders page

Vidder: Becky
Title: There's Only Me
Fandom: Smallville/Batman
This is such  a clever AU narrative that places Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne into Smallville.
download at vidders page

Now you wanna see the icons? )
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You know I said I was really busy with the club vivid vids? Well I am, but I have been suckered back into Reverie after months. The place has me completely hooked again and it's even got me feeling creative enough to open Photoshop! Bloody hell! Although I am back on there, and it's great, I will not be neglecting LJ and you lot.  I don't post that often here on *my* journal but I still consider it my main place.

Sweet Charity got off to a great cracking start yesterday. £2400.38/$4634.66/€3509.65 has been pledged already! Everyone is so fantastically generous it's hard to believe. The Power of Fandom strikes again. If my bidders are reading this > Thank you thank you! Don't stop bidding now though. ;) Below is a reminder of my offerings.

Vid: -These are the shows I can vid for you: Buffy, Angel, Xena, Dead like me, 4400, Hex, Deadwood, Carnivale, BSG, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Firefly, Bad Girls (Seasons 1-3), Dark Angel, Alias, Torchwood/Dr Who (Not old school), Life on Mars, House, Heroes, Rome, X-Files Plus any movie that can be rented (except gore fests).

Song choice: Not rap or heavy metal please. A choice of 2, possibly 3 songs would be very helpful.

Genre: All.

Buyer input: Pick a song and a show and either leave it at that or give me a theme, tone and character. Obviously draft versions can be discussed via email.

Some of my most recent vids can be streamed at the link below.

Older vids can be downloaded from my site

ETA: thanks [ profile] laurashapiro, [ profile] untrue_accounts and [ profile] wide_ocean for name dropping. It always helps. :D

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I made this for the Reverie summer vidbite challenge. It's a "pop up" video for the shows The L word and QAF.
It's only a minute long, it's Xvid and it's 14.4MB

Download here :)

Feedback loved.

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