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I've been in hospital the last couple of days having a selective op so I am a bit behind on emails and such. If you are waiting on something from me you might not get it until the end of the week. Just letting you know. :)
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by [ profile] bunnythenavia because I've slacked off the past couple of weeks, from lj. I haven't really been slacking off though I've just not been around as much as I'd like because the [ profile] vividcon Club Vivid vid making rush has begun. I've signed up for 2 vids again this year and like last year, I didn't get my ideas completely formed until about 3 weeks ago which gives me around 3 1/2 weeks per vid to edit. And although I'm generally a quick vidder, relatively, I am still feeling the pressure. It's my own fault and I usually do work better whilst facing a deadline but anyway, yeah, *bites nails*. So, what am I doing vid wise? Firstly I've got a Torchwood gen one and then there's a Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes crossover. Both vids make me go yay! but the one song is so fast it's like I need to take speed or something to keep up. The deadline is May but of course they won't be published online until August.

Sweet Charity is starting up again very soon. I don't know if I'll have time to get involved this round but I'm pimping it anyway because it's a good thing and I think everyone of you should consider offering your services. Or at least make a bid.

What else am I doing? We booked a venue last week for our wedding reception and ordered the cake. (Flipping heck, wedding cakes are expensive!) We decided on a large round single tier, ivory ornate icing and ivory flowers on top with green foliage. All quite traditional. Really 8 months isn't so long away. You think "pfft it's so long I'll have plenty of time to arrange everything" but it's really flying by and for most things you have to book up well in advance. It's fun really looking at all the bridal magazines etc. The only thing that's holding me back is the finances. Heh Maxine really dislikes all that kind of preparation and I think she's just about ready to throttle me. :D

So when I'm not vidding or wedding arranging I'm walking around 4 miles a day to get in shape for the big day. Fun ay?
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Only it won't be that big and I'm taking measures to not be fat.

I don't usually talk much about my real world life but this is just too good not to.
Me and Max are finally getting hitched! The date for our Civil Partnership Ceremony will be November 20th 2008. It's a doubly special date because it will be our 15th anniversary. YAY. :D

I will be posting pics after the day if anyone wants to see them.
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[ profile] colour_me_sassy is poorly in hospital at the moment, get well hun!! I'm hoping you make a speedy recovery. xx 

A mixed bag

May. 6th, 2007 03:48 pm
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I hadn't updated in a while so I thought I'd best had. Randomness ahoy.

I haven't given a general Bailey update for a while so I'll start with him. His lymph nodes were swollen for a while and when he failed to respond to antibiotics the vet was concerned that there was something dire up with him. Fortunately his blood tests and biopsy came back normal and the conclusion was that it was probably just a reaction of some sort to do with his castration. So my lovely ginger cat is going to be OK and just to prove how contrary cats are the lumps went down about a week after the vet gave him the all clear but not before I'd forked out close to £200 on vet fees. We've bought him a huge catty climbing frame to celebrate. Tinker and him get to fight over the best spots. Typically for the luck I have with these things I had mostly assembled it when I realised there was a fixing missing ( a tee nut for anyone who is interested in such things.) I couldn't get one at any of the local DIY shops so the alternatives were to dismantle it and send it back or find another way to repair it. A few (7) pics this way. )

As you can see I went with the cack handed repair. lol

For a long time now we have been living with the knowledge that there will be 8 new houses built on land the council have reclaimed from garages and the disused gardens behind our house. So as of Tuesday I will be living in the middle of a building site. I am absolutely dreading it. The noise will be appalling, hopefully it won't take the full 41 weeks they have estimated. Does it really take that long to throw up some houses?!

The Reverie style contest is due to end soon and I am absolutely stumped. I thought I would know quite a few people's styles but as it turns out I know bugger all. At least there will be some great vids to rec when the results come out. It's been fun to see what people have come up with and I can't wait for the discussion to start. I am going to be very interested to find out how people have come to their conclusions because like I said I am totally clueless about most of them. So many vids, so many styles so much paralysing vidder's block for me. Damn!!

I am making a start on the Sweet Charity vid. I love the song and think it is potentially a really interesting vid so hopefully that will help me overcome my whatever the opposite is of vid farr. I was also hoping to have a bash at a Vividcon Premieres vid which I was excited about but is currently mocking me from Premiere's editing window. Luckily I got my ClubVivid vids done before my current vidding slump hit. I may have been suffering from the return of the dreaded vid block but fortunately I have rediscovered my Photoshop love and so I have 4 new wallpapers to offer. If you are on Reverie then you have already seen these. )

I may as well add to the randomness of this post with some TV stuff. I'm way behind on Supernatural which is a shame because every Friday morning my flist is full of nothing but squee and discussion I can't read for fear of spoilers. I am still very much in love with Heroes in general and Hiro in particular. Why haven't I seen any Hiro vids? Peter and Claire pfft I want more Hiro and Ando. Rather surprisingly I'm liking Martha on Doctor Who. I could do without the hopeless crush aspect though. Captain Jack is due back in the next ep plus John Simm! How cool is that?! Oh Life on Mars - the ending was perfect but that doesn't stop me wanting more. Drive got axed just as everyone predicted which is a shame because I thought it was shaping up nicely. How can 4 eps possibly be enough to tell if a show will work?

Anyway, I think that's about it for now... that was exciting eh? ;)

cat spam

Jan. 26th, 2007 07:20 am
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My kitty Tinker decided to pose for me - large images )
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Our beloved old man cat Buff passed away today. We will miss him greatly, he filled our life with so much happiness. ♥

drawn by [ profile] thedothatgirl Thank you again Andrea. x
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You know that smoke alarm problem I had? Well, someone came out today and fixed it! Finally! Thank the gods.
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My neighbour's smoke alarm has been going solidly for 48hrs and it's driving me nuts. He is in hospital and no one will do anything about switching the damn thing off. Arghhhh. It's fitted to the mains electricity so at the moment there is no hope in sight. The bloody council! It should be their job to sort it out as he's their tenant but they won't get off their arses to do anything about it, even after 3 phone calls. Maybe I'm not assertive enough or maybe they're too lazy. WTF?!

Has anyone seen that Brit show "Grumpy old women"? That's what I've become.

Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity: Buy Me, Baby

Ends in 13 hours! [ profile] lithium_doll has put a big ol' clock up for folks like me that can't tell the time. Get bidding! Lot's of Ho's are waiting to do just what you want.

[profile] titenani

Jun. 9th, 2006 02:21 pm
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I missed the post this morning but a food parcel (including toffees) should be heading your way come Monday. ;)
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For anyone who doesn't know what's been happening with Buff (my elderly, formerly feral, FIV cat) he has been very sick for about a week and had been hospitalised for rehydration. Fortunately although he isn't totally out of the woods it seems that the immediate crisis has come to an end and my beloved cat has managed yet another comeback. Fingercrossed the anti diarrhoea meds seem to be kicking in and we can start to put some weight back on him.
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Buff is seriously sick again. :(
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So what has Charmax been doing these last 3 weeks? To be blunt not a lot. Me and [ profile] xandra_ptv have been having a whinge about The L Word but there is nothing new in that. We both have a love/hate relationship with that show. Xandra is leaning more towards the hate.

I suppose I should update on the real life stuff. I've been getting out of the house more in an attempt to get fit and shed some pounds before the summer. I'm doing pretty well so far (8 pounds in 10 days. Yay me! Yummy carrot sticks. Not!) I just hope I can keep my enthusiasm up. I've not done much art lately but that is all going to change now that I am going to be able to study the Photoshop course I wanted to do a while back. Anyway I can't usually work on art and vids at the same time and currently I am in a vidding space. Can I just say remastering vids is hard! The Xena vid is very nearly finished. All being well that should be ready tonight. There are other projects on the go but I am not going to discuss that now...

I have been back and forth to the vet's all week. Buff, my FIV cat, picked up an infection that took a while to get on top of. He seems to be on the mend now and he has to go back tomorrow to see if he is well enough to go on interferon. I hope so because I have heard marvellous things about it. In between Buff's visits I had to take Tinker to get her teeth cleaned. The anaesthetic has knocked her about a bit and the blood tests they did for her liver and kidney functions showed up a slight problem with her kidneys that they want to check on in a month or so. My babies are getting old. Poor tinker she does look sorry for herself she has razor burn where she was shaved on her neck and forearm and she is still a little bit spaced out from the op. I don't know what she was doing while she was there but she has worn all her claws down to nubs, she must have been going ballistic! I'm sure all will be well tomorrow when she has had time to recover.

What else? Oh yeah, dvd watching. I know "Rent" is old news to a lot of you on my friends list but I have just watched it. It doesn't sell in the UK so I had to get the region 1 from It was alright but perhaps not quite as good as I was hoping it would be. "Kinsey", wow that guy was weird. I rented "Crash" with no great expectations but I really, really liked it and can see why it won the Oscar. I know lots and lot's of people love "Sin City" but why oh why?! I hate it with a passion. "Closer" started off well but by the last 3rd of the film everyone’s self involvement was driving me nuts. Just get over yourselves already!

So that's the month of March in a nutshell. Vets, vids and vegetables. Pretty dull eh?

I'm gonna scuttle off now back to "Boom Boom Ba".
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On the plus side I got the gifts I wanted this year. Even my mom managed to buy me a gift I actually like (a bracelet with an angel charm). My internet friends came up trumps with lots of cool stuff from my wishlist.

We put our nice new widescreen TV to good use playing Harry Potter on the playstation and watching Little Britain, Catherine Tate and Doctor Who. I like the new doctor. David Tennant was using his 'Casanova' accent rather than his Scottish one but I'm not fussed I like them both. The Christmas special was a lot of fun and the sneak peak at the new series looked great, cybermen, Anthony Head as what looked like a vampire, K9.

Me and Max didn’t bother this year with the whole surprise gift giving we just pooled all the money and got joint gifts, mostly DVDs, PS games and  the big purchase of the TV. We have spent so much throughout the year on renovating the house so we wanted to keep things a bit more simple.

I was totally wrong my mom loved her hot air balloon ride gift. She hasn't booked it yet so she might back out at the last minute. I still won't believe it until I see the photographic evidence.

On the more negative side the local evil tom cat beat the crap out of my poor Buff. He was in a lot of pain and limping quite badly. I took him to the vet yesterday and she gave him a thorough exam and found puncture wounds on his leg. She gave him a painkiller and he has antibiotics to take. She said we had to make sure he didn't get an infection because of his weakened immune system. It is heartbreaking to see him hobbling around but *fingers-crossed* he should be ok.

So the year is nearly over and for 2006 I have a few resolutions

1. I would like to get my vidding flow back on track and make 10-14 vids by this time next year.
2. to feedback more often.
3. To lose weight (again)
4. Quit smoking (again)
5. Spend more time with my family.

There are other things I would like to do/change but those are my main priorities.

I hope everyone’s holiday season is going well! It’ll probably be 2006 before I post again.

I wish you all a very happy New Year!

p.s. The cats went crazy over the catnip toys and the catnip buttons. Scamp drags himself along whilst rubbing his cheek on it. It is very cute in a kind of freaky way. They all got nicely stoned at Christmas.

ETA: New Supernatural LJ layout. :D


Nov. 29th, 2005 06:44 am
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If your mom was just about to turn 50 what would you buy her? Jewellery maybe? The thing is I don't know my mom very much at all and her 50th birthday is a big deal. She did want to go up in a hot air balloon but that doesn't look likely to happen now as her health hasn't been good (She has diabetes and her hypos are out of control). Oh and the weather. We got our first lot of snow today; it's pretty deep and hard, not all fluffy. So back to the subject of my mom’s birthday it's on the 20th Dec. Is jewellery a good option? It's not likely to offend is it...? She does like porcelain dolls but I have no clue whatsoever of brands. Which is a good make/quality etc. Another thing she likes is ornaments. Again not sure what type. Brass maybe...

What would you do/get for a mom you barely know? Hmm

While I'm here I just want to pimp this new [ profile] colorizations community. Also [ profile] art_battle if you have time please join up to both. Go on its fun! :D

ETA: I would just like to thank you [ profile] astartexx, anon and [ profile] bunnythenavia for your suggestions. I've actually got something now )

ETA: x2 My mother is going up in a hotair balloon. Not my choice but my sisters... Hmmm.
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I've sent off a whole load of cards and gifts today so if you get anything please let me know. ;)

And a Happy Thanksgiving goes out to all my American friends. Have a good one!  

ETA: My greeting card offer is still open. If you would like a card from me go here
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Scamp's Day )
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Never attempt to lay a carpet yourself - it will cause you pain. Emotionally and physically.
Always pay that bit extra and get the professionals in.

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