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Mine are not exactly the first footprints in the snow here so much of this will have been said already and more eloquently but I just wanted to say a few things about the BSG final.

Spoilers ahead. )
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This is what I'll be doing with my time in the next few months. I don't envision me sticking with all these but I will give them a go. I make no claims that these are all top quality shows but they're what sound appealing to me.

Heroes (sept24)
Journeyman (sept24)
Sarah Jane Adventures (sept24)

Eureka (July 10)
Damages (31 July)
House (sept25)

Bionic Woman (sept26)
Pushing Daisies(oct3)

Supernatural (oct 4)

Women's Murder Club (oct12)
Moonlight (sept28)
New Amsterdam(jan1)

BSG Razor (Nov24)

Cold Case (sept 23)
Viva Laughlin (Oct21)

Lost (Feb)
Sarah Connor Chronicles?

In other news:
Sweet Charity is officially over now raising a whopping $13895.67 / £6900.99! Congratulations to the people who got what they wanted and commiseration's to anyone who lost out.

A mixed bag

May. 6th, 2007 03:48 pm
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I hadn't updated in a while so I thought I'd best had. Randomness ahoy.

I haven't given a general Bailey update for a while so I'll start with him. His lymph nodes were swollen for a while and when he failed to respond to antibiotics the vet was concerned that there was something dire up with him. Fortunately his blood tests and biopsy came back normal and the conclusion was that it was probably just a reaction of some sort to do with his castration. So my lovely ginger cat is going to be OK and just to prove how contrary cats are the lumps went down about a week after the vet gave him the all clear but not before I'd forked out close to £200 on vet fees. We've bought him a huge catty climbing frame to celebrate. Tinker and him get to fight over the best spots. Typically for the luck I have with these things I had mostly assembled it when I realised there was a fixing missing ( a tee nut for anyone who is interested in such things.) I couldn't get one at any of the local DIY shops so the alternatives were to dismantle it and send it back or find another way to repair it. A few (7) pics this way. )

As you can see I went with the cack handed repair. lol

For a long time now we have been living with the knowledge that there will be 8 new houses built on land the council have reclaimed from garages and the disused gardens behind our house. So as of Tuesday I will be living in the middle of a building site. I am absolutely dreading it. The noise will be appalling, hopefully it won't take the full 41 weeks they have estimated. Does it really take that long to throw up some houses?!

The Reverie style contest is due to end soon and I am absolutely stumped. I thought I would know quite a few people's styles but as it turns out I know bugger all. At least there will be some great vids to rec when the results come out. It's been fun to see what people have come up with and I can't wait for the discussion to start. I am going to be very interested to find out how people have come to their conclusions because like I said I am totally clueless about most of them. So many vids, so many styles so much paralysing vidder's block for me. Damn!!

I am making a start on the Sweet Charity vid. I love the song and think it is potentially a really interesting vid so hopefully that will help me overcome my whatever the opposite is of vid farr. I was also hoping to have a bash at a Vividcon Premieres vid which I was excited about but is currently mocking me from Premiere's editing window. Luckily I got my ClubVivid vids done before my current vidding slump hit. I may have been suffering from the return of the dreaded vid block but fortunately I have rediscovered my Photoshop love and so I have 4 new wallpapers to offer. If you are on Reverie then you have already seen these. )

I may as well add to the randomness of this post with some TV stuff. I'm way behind on Supernatural which is a shame because every Friday morning my flist is full of nothing but squee and discussion I can't read for fear of spoilers. I am still very much in love with Heroes in general and Hiro in particular. Why haven't I seen any Hiro vids? Peter and Claire pfft I want more Hiro and Ando. Rather surprisingly I'm liking Martha on Doctor Who. I could do without the hopeless crush aspect though. Captain Jack is due back in the next ep plus John Simm! How cool is that?! Oh Life on Mars - the ending was perfect but that doesn't stop me wanting more. Drive got axed just as everyone predicted which is a shame because I thought it was shaping up nicely. How can 4 eps possibly be enough to tell if a show will work?

Anyway, I think that's about it for now... that was exciting eh? ;)
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This is the time of year when all the TV shows I watch start to air sporadically and I struggle to keep track of them. So I took the opportunity to check through my list and I found that I have already dumped the majority of the shows I started with this season.

My loyalty to ex Buffy actors led me to try out “How I met your mother”, “Kitchen confidential” and “Bones”. I didn’t stick with any of them but I think I would probably be a casual viewer of “Bones” if it ever makes it across the Atlantic but I’m not going to actively seek it out.

I’ve never been a huge fan of crime or medical shows so I suppose I was unlikely to be blown away by “Bones”. The only procedural shows I’m still watching are “House” and “Cold Case”. I love the characters in “House” so I’m able to ignore the fact that I really don’t understand much about each medical mystery. “Cold Case” is kind of a guilty pleasure – I don’t think it is great telly but I quite like the social history and visualisations of the flashbacks.

I was hopeful that I would like the whole bunch of paranormal/alien shows that premiered this season but most of them failed to maintain my interest so  I only watched a couple of eps of “Threshold”, “Surface”, “Invasion” and “Night Stalker”. I have found “Ghost whisperer” to be entertaining in a kind of unassuming sort of way. It doesn’t blow me away but it is a pleasant enough way to pass an hour. “Supernatural" is the only one of the new shows that has really gripped me. It has some proper scary moments and I find the focus on just the two brothers rather than a wider cast gives it quite unique feel.

Of the continuing series I have stuck with “Hex”. I still have a soft spot for it even though it is totally bonkers and refuses to follow even its own dubious logic. Although I have continued to watch “Alias” I do feel it is struggling this season. It seems to be generally assumed that this will be the last season and I hope that they will be able to deliver a decent finale because it would be a shame for it to go out on a whimper.

This brings me to my two favourites from last season “Lost” and “Veronica Mars”. I have to say that I have been quite disappointed in the second season of “Lost” so far. I know it is “Lost” and nothing should be taken for granted but the hatch reveal and the tail section survivors have not been great developments for me so far. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Ana-Lucia gets some character development and that something awful and permanent happens to Michael because his constant whining is really getting on my nerves now.

I haven’t noticed a lot of raving about “Veronica Mars” this season. I hope that doesn’t mean it is getting killed in the ratings because I am still very much in love with this show. I feel that second season has developed from the first, the new cast members are not jarring and the writing remains solid. I like the return of snarky Logan, the “Veronica Mars accuses me of evil” scene was just brilliant. I also like that Wallace has been given a bit more to do this season he is a great sidekick but Veronica does take him for granted and it is good to see him stand up for himself.

So there we have it - my not very interesting commentary on the shows I’ve been watching and the ones I’ve given up on. In fact this post is just a way of padding out yet another “look at my wallpapers” entry. :D

House 1024x768 (click thumb)

Veronica Mars 1024x768 (click thumb)

brush/texture credits

p.s.  My vidding dry spell continues...I've had several ideas for vids in various fandoms but so far none of them have come to fruition.
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Does anyone know where I can get a dl of Veronica Mars 2x2?  I've been searching all my usual haunts and it's still not up!

Finally found it!

ETA: Does anyone know where I can get a HDTV version? The one I have is crappy quality.

I will try to catch up with everyone over the weekend. I haven't been online much because I am still bogged down with decorating.

The 4400

Sep. 28th, 2005 11:18 am
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Someone plese give me a date for when The 4400 returns! I so love this show! What an ending to season 2 - all I can say is WOW.

And while we are on the subject of The 4400  does anyone know where I can get good HQ promo images or scans/screencaps?
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So far nothing has grabbed me the way Veronica Mars and Lost did last year.

I watched Bones because DB was in it. He certainly looks prettier than he has for a while. It was decent enough police procedural show and the main characters were entertaining and interesting. It just wasn’t amazing and the truth is if it wasn’t for my curiosity about how David manages to break away from his Angel persona I probably wouldn’t have bothered watching it at all. I’ll probably stick with it for now though just to see if it can build on a reasonable start.

I was looking forward to Supernatural. I liked the idea of the show and I thought the two brothers were quite interesting and there were some quite spooky moments in it. The problem is that there are a lot of quite similar shows premiering this season and it seems inevitable some of them will fall by the wayside after a few eps and I don’t want to get invested in a show that won’t make it to the end of a season. I will have to see how the other ghostly/alien/creepy shows turn out before deciding how many of them are worth keeping up with.

Threshold is another of the new sci-fi shows. I have to say I was really disappointed in this one. It seems to think it is X files the next generation but I found it really hard to care much about any of the characters. They seemed to be taken from stock character types. There’s the female professional with no private life and some major daddy issues, the gung ho soldier manfully hiding his secret pain and then there are three maladjusted science geeks all very familiar territory.

Thanks to [ profile] xandra_ptv I have a new obsession; the 4400 which I was initially sceptical about but that I decided to try because she rated it highly. I was hooked after the first episode and watched the first season in one session because for the first time in ages I really had to know what happened next. I love Shawn and Richard and the creepy little girl whose name I can’t spell.

Oh and yay for British sci-fi Hex is back minus the bland, blonde jock but with the addition of a time travelling brutal kickass bitch that I am already a little in love with.

Still on the agenda to watch:

Out of practice
How I met your mother
Criminal minds
Ghost whisperer
Killer Instinct
Night stalker

And of course –
Veronica Mars
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What is it with this show?! It really can't make up it’s mind what it is, it's a gritty drama no it's a comedy (a bad one at that). After the first season it went down hill but this current one is hilariously bad. Fenner with his snip and Di going all baby loony. Then we have that evil psycho bitch Natalie who would stab you the minute she sets eyes on you. She is a good character and the acting is okay as far as Larkhall standards go but she has no redeeming features at all. She is just downright nasty. How can she possibly replace Yvonne as top dog?

Now we have the introduction of the fit, out for revenge Pat. It's going to be one hell of a showdown. The fight in tonight’s episode was pretty impressive, a good cat fight, you just can't beat the sight of two women rolling around the floor. Lol it’s a shame the make-up artists didn't put a little more effort into the look (Natalie and Pat both had the same nostrils bloodied, the same cheek swollen, the same bald patch, the same amount of fur flying) but yes, for now, Evil Natalie has been downsized. 

I just do not get peoples reactions to Arun coming out as a transsexual, how on earth can they possibly think of sending her to a male prison?! It is insane. She has had the op; she has female genitals, that makes her a female. Right? If she was to be sent to a male prison she *will* be raped without a doubt or even murdered. It's not uncommon for male rape to be part of the prison system. What could happen is just unthinkable. Yes it's a TV show but god! Grrr this is one character that I really feel for. They cannot send her! Hopefully the rough and tumble between Pat and Natalie has put paid to that.

So summing up my ramble - it's a crap show but the bad is kinda good.

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And so with the ending of Dr Who a long summer of rubbish TV begins. (spoilers ahead) Read more... )


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So I've finally finished the painting in the living room, I've put up the new net curtains, the new lampshade, the new clock etc I'm just waiting on the carpet and sofas to be delivered. So everything is back in place and I can finally get back to the computer and catch up on posts I've missed. It's not the end of the renovations I'm still waiting on the builders to come and work on the bathroom and kitchen. All fun stuff and so grown up. I wish I was better at DIY but sadly I am mostly limited to slapping some paint on the walls and I have to admit I am a little scared about the carpet laying cos I really can't afford to muck that up.

Now that I've got a bit more time on my hands I have been catching up with some of my DVD rentals. Maybe it was just the paint fumes but "Princess Diaries 2" made absolutely no sense and was very disappointing given that I had rather low expectations of it in the first place.It was nice to see the actor who played Mason in Dead Like Me though. I miss that show. Lemony Snicket was a lot more fun. I don't know the books but I liked the black humour of the film and even Jim Carrey was watchable.

I also caught up on Doctor Who I've really enjoyed this revival it is such a pity that Christopher Eccleston has decided to leave. Still his replacement was great in "Casanova" so I have high hopes for the next season.

After so much prodding I finally watched QAF (the first 2 eps of season 5). I wasn't expecting to like it but I did. I was intrigued enough to get the first season (though I haven't had chance to watch any of those eps yet.) How come nobody told me it wasn't just Brian and Justin fucking after watching the vids how was I supposed to know there were other charcters and plots and stuff. Mel and Lindsey seem quite annoying but I am hoping thats just the custody issues making them crazy.

I've recently obtained a new addition to the family. The semi feral cat I have been feeding for a few months seems to have adopted us. He just kind of moved in. In honour of this we have had to change his name from "that scabby cat" to "Buff" (after the noise he makes when he gets excited). Anyway here he is in his bed. He has hardly any teeth, his fur is a bit thin and man does he stink but I love him. And because they get jealous I have included my other two cats who are much prettier and less smelly and yet strangely less well behaved.

Buff Buff
Buff Buff
Buff Buff

One last thing I got tagged by [ profile] astartexx to do this meme :D I'm not going to tag others because from what I can see everyone has already had a go.

List your current six favorite songs:

Marcy Playground – Comin' Up
James Blunt – Out Of My Mind
Bree Sharp - Dirty Magazine
Richard Ashcroft – Buy It In Bottles
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc
Jem - Just A Ride

My first fandom ever:

If we are talking online fandoms then it's BtVs, if you mean shows I was a fan of before I discovered the internet then that would be Blackadder.

My most recent fandoms:

Lost and Veronica Mars :D

5 Fandoms that mean a lot to me:

I thought I'd go for 5 fandoms people might not know I'm into.

  • Dead Like Me

  • Star Trek Voyager

  • House

  • Hex

  • Cold Case

Ok time to catch up with the rest of the world!
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I've been a bit down in the dumps lately and in need of a good laugh and for once The L Word delievered. :D The season 2 sessions soundtrack is now out! All 44 tracks of it. Of course with only 44 tracks somethings had to get cut. rofl So out go songs by Heart, Peaches, etc presumably they will appear on a second soundtrack cd! So on this one we are treated to just the glory of Betty.

Tracks have such attractive names as "Tina masturbates" and "lez boat". Also there is "Jenny writes" there are seven, yes SEVEN, of those cos you know people writing is sooo exciting in a visual medium. The absolute best bit though is that all those versions of the theme are here for us to.. erm... enjoy. The punk version also called the Hell word, country version (hell yeah word), Muzak Version (the elevator word), French version (the Elle word) etc etc. Unfortunately the version using a recorder, triangle, comb and paper and didgeridoo where the lyrics go "sucking, Whining, writing,writing, more fucking writing, whinging, bitching, thats the way that we live" was missing. That was the one where they let us in on the joke and say "yes we know the theme stinks but someones shagging a member of the band" (its called the Smell Word).

Think I'm making it up? You'll piss yourselves!
Check it out - yours for only $10.99! ----------->>>>

Oh and while we are on the subject of The L Word some more icons. I might not like the show that much but the women are pretty. :p
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This weeks episodes... )

Yes another Veronica and Logan wallpaper :)

Brushes and textures have come from > resurgere Hybrid Genesis

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This was just meant as a response to your comments [ profile] xandra_ptv but as you can see I went into a bit of a rant ;) lol

I know what you mean about it not following season one at all. For starters the way they wrote out Marina’s character was appalling. A European countess? With an older husband?! And she tried to kill herself over Jenny!!! Does that sound like the Marina we knew; who was Predatory, self assured, had no money and a controlling girlfriend of long standing? Things were just never referred to again such as the killing of Mr Piddles, that uncomfortable sex scene between Bett and Tina, Tim, and that woman who broke Shane’s heart.

And as for this season train wreck is right! But still we keep watching. I think Kit and Ivan was potentially a really strong storyline about how gender and sexuality are no longer set things. Unfortunately it seems the writers backed away from that and settled on a rather outdated view on sexual politics throughout the season. Jenny was frequently used as a mouth piece for some heavy handed feminist politics. I can’t help but feel that some of the writers at least, have become stuck in a late 80’s early 90’s position on lesbian feminism.

Which brings be to another point – someone needs to learn how to write male characters! Because it is a fact not all men are bastards and not all lesbians think that. I thought Tim and “Lisa” were bad enough last season, but this season we got treated to Kit’s “inspirational” boyfriend and Mark - sometimes seedy pornographer and sometime lesbian version of “fag hag” depending on which episode and who is writing it. Do you think they have ever heard of script conferences?

[ profile] xandra_ptv or [ profile] astartexx can you give me a bit of a back-story on Queer as folk? I’m thinking I might give that a go…

I know a fair bit about Brian and Justin and I know the women have the standard baby and “bed death” issues but what is the story with the rest of the guys?

The L Word

May. 17th, 2005 05:04 pm
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So I have just finished watching this weeks L Word and my thoughts on the season are …

It was a pretty decent ending to the season with Bett and Tina finally having their baby. It finished off the pregnancy storyline whilst leaving open for next season Alice and Dana’s relationship issues, Jenny’s mental health problems and Bett’s unemployment.
Am I the only one though, that felt embarrassed at the horribly stilted lesbian politics discussion at the wake?
On the whole I have been quite disappointed with the writing this season, characters have behaved erratically and characters and storylines have disappeared without any adequate explanation. I love Dana and Alice and I find their insecurities quite endearing. Shane remains a good representation of a kind of dyke you find in the “real world” that never usually shows up on TV. 

Next season though I can only hope certain things happen/don’t happen

  1. Less Betty and specifically less of the L Word theme tune popping up in weird
    variations during the show.
  2. Less strange sound effects!! Was that “Shane Shane Shane” during that sex
    scene?! And didn’t Tina hear some “Bett Bett Bett” sound effects some
    time? rofl
  3. Ok I get it – Jenny is an “artistic” type who’s driven her self a little crazy
    so no more friggin circus dream sequences! Please god!
  4. Please please please give Jenny and Alice something decent to wear next season.
  5. Please please please bring back that monstrous movie producer! I luvvved her lol
  6. And please god let them handle the self harm storyline in a realistic and
    sensitive way.

So I will probably be watching next season in the hope that it improves.

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