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I've been gone a while but now I'm back and being as random as ever. Don't mind me.

I have to 2 Vidding related items that need to be passed on. Firstly, festivids! This looks like so much fun so I'm going to be throwing myself at it. The principle is similar to yuletide but it's for vids which is doubly awesome. I cannot wait to see all the potential rare fandom vids to come out of it. Very exciting.

These are my own nominations. I couldn't vid some of these myself but I'd love to see them get done by others more able.

Bionic Woman - 2007 (TV)
Blackadder (series) (TV)
Fringe (TV)
Survivors - 2008 (BBC, TV)
United States Of Tara (TV)
Birds Of Prey (TV)
Jericho (TV)
Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain (TV)
Phoenix Nights (TV)
Prime Suspect (TV)
Blackpool (TV)
Tipping The Velvet (mini series)
Mary Poppins (film)
West Side Story (film)
Thelma & Louise (film)
Dead Like Me (TV)
Americas Next Top Model (TV)
So You Think You Can Dance (TV)
Collateral (film)
The Goonies (film)

Secondly, I was the focus of October's vidder profile edited by [personal profile] bradcpu for [community profile] vid_commentary.

The profile includes excerpts from the following vids (in order of appearance):

"Seven Nation Army" (Multi), VVC 2009
"Angel With An Attitude" (Pushing Daisies) Feb. 2008
"Smile" (BtVS/AtS) 2004 (2009 remaster)
"Still Breathing" (BtVS/AtS) June 2007
"Unnatural Selection" (Multi) March 2009
"Club Foot" (Life On Mars) May 2006
"Protege Moi" (Supernatural) October 2006
"Candleburn" (Firefly) September 2006
"Birth of a Geisha" (Memoirs of a Geisha) April 2007
"Tanglewood Tree" (Fingersmith) VVC 2008
"Boom Boom Ba" (Xena) October 2004
"Mambo Italiano" (Alias) July 2006
"I'm Your Man" (Multi) July 2008
"No Bravery" (Troy) Sept. 2005

Follow for streaming and download link.

Other vidders covered in the profile series so far are:
kiki_miserychic - August
bananainpyjamas, aka dragonchic - September

And now I shall love you and leave you.
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Video Title: Combat Honey
Song Title/Artist: Combat Honey - The Wannadies
Movie: Tomb Raider
Summary: One geek's love for his warrior woman.
Length/Format: 2.28 (Xvid)
I am a teenage boy in a grown woman’s body.

This vid came about because both myself and [ profile] astartexx are in the process of heavy, time consuming vid projects and needed a way to let off steam. Yes, it's kinda weird to undertake another project with such little time to conceptualize/edit but I suppose that’s where half the fun is, just go with the flow and have fun! That's purely what this vid was about. It allowed me to just be frivolous and not be all heavy-thinky about it.

So the main points of the challenge were that we both exchanged various songs for various movies and gave a prompt for each. We had a full 48hrs from start to finish to get ourselves organized and to have the finished product ready. Oh and the vid should have been 2 mins or under but because the song I picked was just over that mark it seemed silly to edit it down just for the sake of it. I'm sure you don't mind, do you, Astarte! ;)

And did I have a good time making this? Yes, surprisingly I did. I feel good about it and I'm glad I did it. Heh maybe I work better with a deadline? *holds lids open with matchsticks*

I am seriously intrigued to find out what you went with for your challenge [ profile] astartexx.

Download Xvid (960x400 - 75MB)
Download Xvid (720x304 - 26.9MB)
stream @ imeem
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Video Title: Birth Of A Geisha
Song Title/Artist: Song Of Birth - Eri Sugai
Movie: Memoirs Of a Geisha
Summary: This is a journey from girl to Geisha. Character study/film overview
Length/Format: 3.38 (Xvid)
This was my entry in the Reverie style contest. Vidders were asked to submit anonymously and then members were invited to guess who made what and provide feedback before the vidders were announced. It was great fun and I learned a lot. Half the people who voted guessed me right. I suppose that means I must have quite a distinctive style.

About the vid itself, I don't know what the actual English translation is and all my research pointed to the artist using her voice as an instrument rather than specific lyrics. If it is hideously inappropriate at any point I'm sorry for that but I chose to edit it as if it was an instrumental piece. Memoirs of a Geisha is a beautifully shot film and I did my best to utilise that. I roughly followed the narrative of the film but I did take some liberties, perhaps the biggest of which was the decision to remove the fourth Geisha (Piglet) from the vid altogether.

Download Xvid (960x400 - 85MB)
Download Xvid (720x304 - 35MB)
Med stream @ imeem
[Embedded Imeem] )

Feedback is extremely welcome.
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Video Title: The Wreckoning
Song Title/Artist: The Wreckoning - BoomKat
Fandom/Character: Heroes, Niki-Jessica
Summary: Jessica pov. It's all about the jekyll & Hyde, the love/hate, the sub/dom, the protector/protected relationship of Niki and Jessica.**swear words and possible spoilers**
Length/Format: 2.12 (Xvid)
This is part 2 of the ongoing vid/let challenge with [ profile] astartexx (part 1 was "Protege Moi".) Astarte gave me the song but didn't specify any show or character, Niki/Jessica just spoke to me. The major problem was how to get across the concept of Crazy Brain Twin. The video feels disjointed very much like the two characters. As the video was set as a challenge it gave me the opportunity to experiment a lot more with effects and come out of my comfort zone a bit. Some of these are more subtle and some are in your face. For those who haven't seen the show Jessica's the psycho with the tattoo but honestly that won't help much because even when she's not on screen she's still sort of there. It's probably the one time where pov confusion is actually intentional. lol

Feedback is loved.

Download Xvid (720x400 - 40MB)
Download Xvid (480x272 - 25MB)
Med stream at imeem
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Video Title: Protège Moi
Song Title/Artist: Protège Moi - Placebo
Show: Supernatural
Summary: What's black and white and red all over?
Length/Format: 1.22, (Xvid)
Notes: This is the first part of a vidlet challenge that I've got going with [ profile] astartexx. The style is inspired by film noir/Sin City.

Download Xvid (720x400 - 16MB)
stream at imeem
stream at youtube
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