Apr. 12th, 2011 06:30 am
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I'm back from vidukon, had a great time and met so many lovely and cool people. I hope I'll have time to write a mini report and at the very least a rec list of all the vids I enjoyed from the con. :)

If anyone has a copy of Friday's group photo can you send it me? Thanks!
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Video Title: Fascination
Song Title/Artist: Fascination - Alpha Beat
Source: Billy Elliot
Summary: Live to dance. Dance to live.
Length/Format: 03:07, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: Premiered at [personal profile] vidukon 2011

Links: Download 65MB | Stream @ Youtube

Youtube )

Feedback in all shapes and sizes is very much appreciated.
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vidukon 2011. Want it? Please answer poll here and or/and spread the word :

I am so going this time if it's on.
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bop_radar has posted a poll in vidukon to gauge interest in another one happening in 2010/2011. If you are interested in attending a vidding con in the UK then head on over there. [poll]

I'm going this time!

Vidukon's website
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I've just received my [ profile] vidukon premieres DVD, program and badge! YAY! Worth every penny.
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It was my responsibility to put together the "Made In The UK" vid show for this years [ profile] vidukon and here it is. I hope they all went down well, they're all fabulous vids. I wanted to include a good mix of aesthetics, styles, shows, vidders to appeal to a wider audience and hopefully I included something in there for everyone. My thanks go to all the vidders who gave me permission I seriously love all the vids and the show wouldn't have been the same without them.

1. Vidders name(s): CherryLiz
Vid/Song Title: Welcome to my Nightmare
Vid Length (min/sec): 0.40
Artist: Life on Mars OST by Edmund Butt
Fandom: Life on Mars

2. Vidders name(s): dualbunny
Vid/Song Title: I'll Be There For You
Vid Length (min/sec): 2:46
Artist: The Rembrandts
Fandom: Black Books

3. Vidders name(s): Fahrbot Drusilla
Vid/Song Title: Secret Agent Man
Vid Length (min/sec): 2:15
Artist: Blues Traveler
Fandom: Spooks/MI-5

4. Vidders name(s): LithiumDoll
Vid/Song Title: Natural Blues
Vid Length (min/sec): 3:14
Artist: Moby
Fandom: the Fixer

5. Vidders name(s): Melina
Vid/Song Title: The Shadow
Vid Length (min/sec): 3:40
Artist: Mary Black
Fandom: Robin of Sherwood
[link] You may need to register to download vid. Or you could stream Imeem.

6. Vidders name(s): Charmax
Vid/Song Title: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Vid Length (min/sec): 02:53
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Fandom: Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes

7. Vidders name(s): obsessive24
Vid/Song Title: Brothers on a Hotel Bed
Vid Length (min/sec): 03:54
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Fandom: Queer as Folk (UK)

8. Vidders name(s): Killa
Vid/Song Title: Farewell Welfare
Vid Length (min/sec): 03:15
Artist: Rory McLeod
Fandom: Hustle
(no link yet)

9. Vidders name(s): jagwriter78
Vid/Song Title: Not A Virgin Anymore
Vid Length (min/sec): 1:45
Artist: Poe
Fandom: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

10. Vidder's name: P.R. Zed
Vid/Song Title: Love's Not a Competition
Vid Length (min/sec): 2:52
Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Fandom: Pros

11. Vidders name(s): hollywoodgrrl
Vid/Song Title: Adore
Vid Length (min/sec): 4:22
Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Fandom: Torchwood

12. Vidders name(s): chasarumba
Vid/Song Title: Gemini (song title is Darkness)
Vid Length (min/sec): 4:03
Artist: Peter Gabriel
Fandom: Jekyll

13. Vidders name(s): Seah and Margie
Vid/Song Title: Handlebars
Vid Length (min/sec): 3:27
Artist: Flobots
Fandom: Doctor Who

I'm still not back back and I most likely won't until after my wedding (22days!) so my apologies for not yet commenting on recently posted vids.
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I haven't pimped this yet so I am now pimping it mightily! VidUKon is a brand new Vidding con being held in the UK and set up by the fantastic [ profile] halcyon_shift. It will run from the 24th Oct to the 26th Oct in Milton Keynes and will have everything from panels, vidshows tea and cakes. It should be a great weekend to meet all your fannish friends to talk/watch vids. I won't be going myself this year, unfortunately, but I am seriously hoping there will be enough numbers to make it viable for next as I really want to go. So this is where I pimp - you all need to go sign up! It'll be fun! Come take a holiday in Britain!

Click the banner for all details.

[ profile] vidukon LJ group.

As I'm not going this year I thought I'd make myself useful in another way so I offered to VJ the "Made In The UK" Vid show.
"Doctor Who, Torchwood, Queer as Folk etc.
UK shows rock !

I have a fair idea of some of the vids I'd like to include but I am also looking for suggestions in case I've missed that perfect vid for this show. If you have any suggestions please comment away. I'm particularly interested in any vids for lesser known shows. I'd like a good mix. :)

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