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Video Title: Come On
Song Title/Artist: Come On - The Panderers
Source: Firefly/Serenity
Summary: Serenity Hoedown
Length/Format: 02:45, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: Premiered at Club Vivid [community profile] vividcon 2011

Links: Download 65MB | Stream @ Youtube

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Some of my favourite vids to come out of Vividcon this year. From all shows, in no particular order of preference. I enjoyed many other vids that are not listed here but not knowing what to say other than YAY I've decided to leave them off.

Life Of Leisure (Veronica Mars) [personal profile] trelkez.
Oh Veronica and Logan you are so wrong for each other and yet I can't help but root for you. A really smart look at their relationship.

Wild Horses (Farscape) [personal profile] dualbunny.
I think this might well be one of my favourite relationship vids ever. Which is weird because I think I've only ever watched about three eps of Farscape. This is such a powerful portrait of a grown up relationship and makes me realise how rare that is in shows.

Twinkle, Twinkle (Doctor Who) [personal profile] kiki_miserychic.
Just when I thought the angels couldn't get any creepier this vid just amps it up in typical [profile] kik_miserychic style.

Vindicated (Multi) [personal profile] damned_colonial.
I loved this vid for the kickass women but particularly enjoyed the idea of women throwing off the shackles of the expectations placed on them during a period of time when a woman's good reputation was considered particularly important.

Take On Me (Doctor Who) [personal profile] trelkez.
Doctors and their companions in all their adorable variety.

If I Had You (Legend Of The Seeker) [personal profile] dualbunny.
A superhot Richard/Darken Rahl vid that it's impossible not to love.

Dancing With Myself (Gene Kelly) [personal profile] jetpack_monkey.
So much joy in this vid and it is just great fun to watch.

Dance Across The Floor (Scrubs) [profile] littleheaven70.
A feel good dance vid that has me dancing in my seat.

Name Of The Game (Legend Of The Seeker) [personal profile] bradcpu.
More Seeker hotness which combines awesome action sequences and ridiculously suggestive imagery to great effect.

Livin' La Vida Loca (Ashes To Ashes/Life On Mars) [personal profile] rhoboat.
A great tribute to the shows and particularly to the cars as characters in their own right.

Candy Man (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory/Willy Wonka) [personal profile] obsessive24.
Creepy and amusing.

Boom Boom Pow (Fringe) [personal profile] hollywoodgrrl.
This song always struck me as rather meaningless. It doesn't anymore and I never get tired of Olivia's awesomeness.

For Your Entertainment (Battlestar Galactica) [personal profile] dualbunny.
I will NEVER be able to hear this song without being creeped out again. I have to admit to finding it rather gratifying to see Tyrol's behaviour called in to question in this vid. Why did the show never bother to do that?

Stay Awake (Multi) [personal profile] laurashapiro.
Another creepy vid that I love but find really hard to watch.

Bend (Multi) [personal profile] danegen.
This has been rec'd all over and rightly so. It is a great deal of fun and I particularly enjoyed how it included all sorts of women and particularly the real life women drivers and aviators.
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Video Title: Seven Nation Army
Song Title/Artist: Seven Nation Army - Effcee
Shows/Source: Doctor Who, Sarah Connor, Battlestar Galactica, The Matrix trilogy, Transformers, I Robot.
Summary: Rainbow Coalition Vs fascist robots.
Length/Format: 3.38, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: Made for [community profile] vividcon Club Vivid 09.

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Links: Download Xvid (720x400 - 50MB) | Download Xvid (480x272 - 25MB) | Stream@Youtube | Stream@Bam Soon! | Stream@Blip

Feedback in all shapes and sizes is love.


Aug. 14th, 2009 01:02 pm
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Have a great VVC everyone! I can't wait for the vids and I hope you'll all share the experience a little with some shiny con reports on your return. :)
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Video Title: Tanglewood Tree
Song Title/Artist: Tanglewood Tree - Chris & Meredith Thompson
Show: Fingersmith
Summary: Forbidden fruit, tangled webs and betrayal.
Length/Format: 4.00, (Xvid, Stream)

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Links: Download Xvid (720x400 - 50MB) | Download Xvid (480x272 - 25MB) | Stream@Imeem | Stream@Youtube

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Video Title: Smiley Faces
Song Title/Artist: Smiley Faces - Gnarls Barkley
Show: Torchwood
Summary: Team Torchwood and "how hard this life can be."
Length/Format: 3.05, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: Premiered at Club Vivid, Vividcon 08.
This was made during my old comp's death throes. As a result it isn't quite as flash as originally conceived (only the title sequence remains of Charmax's fancy Torchwood vid that never was) nevertheless I feel my fondness for team Torchwood does come across and that's the main thing. Gwen and Jack have the best smiles in fandom.

Links: Download Xvid (720x400 - 50MB) | Download Xvid (480x272 - 25MB) | Stream@Imeem

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Feedback loved.
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Video Title:I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
Song Title/Artist: I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys
Show: Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes
Summary: The Gene Genie gets his groove on.
Length/Format: 2.53, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: Premiered at Club Vivid, Vividcon 08.
What struck me most about the differences between LoM and A2A wasn't so much the difference between 70s and 80s but more the socio-economic and regional differences. My 1980s childhood looked much more like LoM than A2A. I went out of my way to make comparisons between Alex's Middle class 80s London and Sam's working class Manchester. In case anyone was wondering the title sequence was heavily influenced by "The Sweeney."

Links: Download Xvid (720x400 - 50MB) | Download Xvid (416x240 - 22MB) | Stream@Imeem | Stream@Youtube

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Feedback loved.
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by [ profile] bunnythenavia because I've slacked off the past couple of weeks, from lj. I haven't really been slacking off though I've just not been around as much as I'd like because the [ profile] vividcon Club Vivid vid making rush has begun. I've signed up for 2 vids again this year and like last year, I didn't get my ideas completely formed until about 3 weeks ago which gives me around 3 1/2 weeks per vid to edit. And although I'm generally a quick vidder, relatively, I am still feeling the pressure. It's my own fault and I usually do work better whilst facing a deadline but anyway, yeah, *bites nails*. So, what am I doing vid wise? Firstly I've got a Torchwood gen one and then there's a Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes crossover. Both vids make me go yay! but the one song is so fast it's like I need to take speed or something to keep up. The deadline is May but of course they won't be published online until August.

Sweet Charity is starting up again very soon. I don't know if I'll have time to get involved this round but I'm pimping it anyway because it's a good thing and I think everyone of you should consider offering your services. Or at least make a bid.

What else am I doing? We booked a venue last week for our wedding reception and ordered the cake. (Flipping heck, wedding cakes are expensive!) We decided on a large round single tier, ivory ornate icing and ivory flowers on top with green foliage. All quite traditional. Really 8 months isn't so long away. You think "pfft it's so long I'll have plenty of time to arrange everything" but it's really flying by and for most things you have to book up well in advance. It's fun really looking at all the bridal magazines etc. The only thing that's holding me back is the finances. Heh Maxine really dislikes all that kind of preparation and I think she's just about ready to throttle me. :D

So when I'm not vidding or wedding arranging I'm walking around 4 miles a day to get in shape for the big day. Fun ay?
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Here are my 2 Club Vivid vids for Vividcon this year. I have no idea if they were actually shown (yet!) These were both finished in May so I've been sitting on them since then. It's been killing me! Anyone who knows me knows patience is not one of my strongest suits. So finally here we go, YAY! I hope y'all enjoy them. Any and all feedback would be awesome, seriously.

Thank you so much [ profile] killabeez for giving me your thoughts on Boogie Wonderland back in May, "Awesome vid!" from you made me incredibly happy and reassured. [ profile] astartexx,  massive thanks go to you because, as always, your commentary, squee and insight was/is invaluable! [ profile] colour_me_sassy, the feedback then and the feedback every time you give it is cherished. Without going too overboard with the cheez and the embarrassment - I love you all. :P

Boogie Wonderland was inspired by [ profile] killabeez's "Puttin On The Ritz" (I'm a hopeless fangirl ;)) but I've moved the focused era on 20yrs or so.

Video Title: Boogie Wonderland
Song Title/Artist: Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind and Fire
Movie: Multi
The Rocky Horror Show
Saturday Night Fever
Staying Alive
Roll Bounce
Boogie Nights
The Full Monty
Car Wash
Can't Stop The Music
Summary: Cracktastic. Glitter, sparkles and gratuitous crotch shots..
Length/Format: 2.21(Xvid)
Notes: Boogie Wonderland was the song I picked out of the list of songs given on the [ profile] vividcon LJ. I hope whoever gave it as a prompt thinks I did it justice. The song was edited down and melded with another party type track to give it that extra Disco vibe. 
Yes, some crappy movies were purchased for the purpose of this project. That's how much I love vidding. I'm never quite sure if I should do notes or what details you would like to read so if you have any specific questions then please ask in the comments.

Download big Xvid(720x400 - 50MB)
Download small Xvid (480x272 - 22MB)
stream at imeem Low quality.
[Embedded YouTube] )

Video Title: Don't Let Me Be Misundersood
Song Title/Artist: Don't Let Me Be Misundersood - Santa Esmeralda
Movie: Shrek 2 (Puss)
Summary: Puss in Boots wants your understanding.
Length/Format: 2.13(Xvid)
Notes: I have to admit I had forgotten how little screen time Puss gets in Shrek 2 which made the vid a very different sort of challenge from Boogie Wonderland with it's seemingly endless clip choices. Again, as with Boogie Wonderland, if you have any specific questions about this vid please fire away in the comments.

Download big Xvid(720x400 - 50MB)
Download small Xvid (480x272 - 22MB)
stream at imeem Low quality.
[Embedded YouTube] )
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One (the second one) of my Club Vivid vids is either going to be cracktastic or craptastic it all depends on how you feel about glitter, sparkles and gratuitous crotch shots. Me, I love 'em.

And whilst I am mentioning Vividcon, the 2007 VVC Auction is about to begin soon . If you have some cash (quite a bit I should think) then why don't you get yourself one of the top names in the business to make your vid baby. There are 5 fantastic vidders to choose from.

*goes back to burying head in Premiere*
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[ profile] astartexx I blame you. This vid/let is eating my brain. Experimentation? MwahahaHa! You will be mine. Damn you.
don't ask me what who/it's about. That will just ruin the surprise won't it?! Heh.

Oh and whilst I am mentioning vidding, Sweet Charity, run by the generous [ profile] lithium_doll starts again soon. Beginning of March I think? I hope to see many of you lot sign up or get involved in someway - it's for a fantastic cause! Can I just remind us all how much we raised last round > £879.90 / $1639.48 that amount is beyond amazing. I hope it has a similar success this time round!

vividcon sign-ups also start soon "registration for attending membership opens Sunday, February 18 at 1PM EST" I will not be going myself for various reasons (living in the UK and being socialphobic being the biggest two) but I am keen to see some of you awesome vidders on my flist sign up. I will probably be a supporting member and hopefully have something for clubvivid.

And the pimping goes on because I have very little else to say

[ profile] get_creative the art challenge community needs many more people to come play. If you are arty inclined like me, then join up. It could be fun!

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