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This is my second volley with [ profile] astartexx for [ profile] art_battle

The challenge was to apply this stock to an art piece, it could be a wallpaper,  a header, anything. The stock said manip to me so that's what I've done.
The size is 1680x1050 - click the thumb for the larger version.


I can't wait to see what you come up with [ profile] astartexx. :D

If anyone wants other sizes then let me know in the comments.
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but this time it's Jack and Nathan because [ profile] shadowgardens gave me a not so subtle poke and I was feeling creative.

It's in a slightly different style to the other Eureka walls but I like it and hope you do too. ;)


Also more caps for Eureka are now in the gallery.
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Like a bat out of hell with plenty of icon space.

1680x1050 version
1024x768 version
1152x864 version

A mixed bag

May. 6th, 2007 03:48 pm
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I hadn't updated in a while so I thought I'd best had. Randomness ahoy.

I haven't given a general Bailey update for a while so I'll start with him. His lymph nodes were swollen for a while and when he failed to respond to antibiotics the vet was concerned that there was something dire up with him. Fortunately his blood tests and biopsy came back normal and the conclusion was that it was probably just a reaction of some sort to do with his castration. So my lovely ginger cat is going to be OK and just to prove how contrary cats are the lumps went down about a week after the vet gave him the all clear but not before I'd forked out close to £200 on vet fees. We've bought him a huge catty climbing frame to celebrate. Tinker and him get to fight over the best spots. Typically for the luck I have with these things I had mostly assembled it when I realised there was a fixing missing ( a tee nut for anyone who is interested in such things.) I couldn't get one at any of the local DIY shops so the alternatives were to dismantle it and send it back or find another way to repair it. A few (7) pics this way. )

As you can see I went with the cack handed repair. lol

For a long time now we have been living with the knowledge that there will be 8 new houses built on land the council have reclaimed from garages and the disused gardens behind our house. So as of Tuesday I will be living in the middle of a building site. I am absolutely dreading it. The noise will be appalling, hopefully it won't take the full 41 weeks they have estimated. Does it really take that long to throw up some houses?!

The Reverie style contest is due to end soon and I am absolutely stumped. I thought I would know quite a few people's styles but as it turns out I know bugger all. At least there will be some great vids to rec when the results come out. It's been fun to see what people have come up with and I can't wait for the discussion to start. I am going to be very interested to find out how people have come to their conclusions because like I said I am totally clueless about most of them. So many vids, so many styles so much paralysing vidder's block for me. Damn!!

I am making a start on the Sweet Charity vid. I love the song and think it is potentially a really interesting vid so hopefully that will help me overcome my whatever the opposite is of vid farr. I was also hoping to have a bash at a Vividcon Premieres vid which I was excited about but is currently mocking me from Premiere's editing window. Luckily I got my ClubVivid vids done before my current vidding slump hit. I may have been suffering from the return of the dreaded vid block but fortunately I have rediscovered my Photoshop love and so I have 4 new wallpapers to offer. If you are on Reverie then you have already seen these. )

I may as well add to the randomness of this post with some TV stuff. I'm way behind on Supernatural which is a shame because every Friday morning my flist is full of nothing but squee and discussion I can't read for fear of spoilers. I am still very much in love with Heroes in general and Hiro in particular. Why haven't I seen any Hiro vids? Peter and Claire pfft I want more Hiro and Ando. Rather surprisingly I'm liking Martha on Doctor Who. I could do without the hopeless crush aspect though. Captain Jack is due back in the next ep plus John Simm! How cool is that?! Oh Life on Mars - the ending was perfect but that doesn't stop me wanting more. Drive got axed just as everyone predicted which is a shame because I thought it was shaping up nicely. How can 4 eps possibly be enough to tell if a show will work?

Anyway, I think that's about it for now... that was exciting eh? ;)
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For [ profile] little_sparks (I hope you like it! It's quite plain...) and anyone else that wants it.

1680x1050 version here
1152x864 version here
1024x768 version here

texture from [ profile] gender
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I haven't really made any art for a while because everything I tried turned out sucky. Finally, I have something that I'm feeling ok about. It's a manip, the stocks and textures are from

1280x1024 version here
1024x768 version here
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- There is roughly about 2 hours left until Sweet Charity ends - Some ho's are still affordable, so get bidding! It closes midnight EST July 31st *facepalm* You can still bid now though!

- These are my 2 latest wallpapers. I don't think they are my bestest bestest ever artwork but they are not bad.


1280x1024 version
1024x768 version

Misc woman

1280x1024 version
1024x768 version

Oh and I was bored, I can't sleep because the neighbours smoke alarm has been going off for hours (no fire) so I decided to change my layout. I think it's pretty... what do you think? ;)

And while I'm doing random - how fabulous is Ed Harcourt? His voice is my new crush. :D [ profile] astartexx I think you would like him.
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The first 2 wallpapers are vectors made in Adobe illustrator.
I can't remember where I got some of the resources for the other walls now so I'll just link to here


1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Classic Beauty

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Battlestar Galactica

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Kirsten Dunst

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

Abstract Vector

1024x768 click here
1280x1024 click here

-I'll be back to capping now [ profile] millylicious. Honestly. ;)
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I didn't want to post these walls with my last post so sorry for the spamming.

Eliza Dushku

1024x768 here
1280x1024 can be uploaded if wanted.


1024x768 here
1280x1024 can be uploaded if wanted.
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I have 2 new Veronica Mars wallpapers to share. Nothing more.

Stocks from istockphotos + Gender
click thumbs for 1024x768 versions.


ETA: There is no real point in me making a fresh post for one new wall...

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Green Day - Billie

Will Young

brush/texture credits

My new laptop arrives tomorrow! (Early Birthday Gift) Yay! I decided it was about time I started making walls in more sizes as my desktop comp is 1280x1024 and my laptop is 1280x800.
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These are my latest. :) Both are 1024x768. Click the thumbs to view.

Keira Knightley

Jennifer Garner

brush/texture credits
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You all must be getting sick of me posting art all the time but I'm doing it anyway. :P )

Something else you may be looking forward to...I'll be posting a vid soonish (Firefly). It was made for [ profile] thedothatgirl as a gift so she gets first viewings. :D


Dec. 9th, 2005 05:53 pm
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Ok so this is a whole lot of randomness (again) but I thought it was better to be random than not update at all.

1 Bronze Ambition has a festive new skin.
2. I have been doing many battles over at [ profile] art_battle The mixed bag is here )

3. This is another wall I made a few days ago. I was just experimenting a little..

4. Just a few cat icons that were made for [ profile] astartexx as a none Christmas gift. She wanted me to post them here.


^ If you want to use any of these icons then please take.

5. I'm also trying to vid gifts... Don't hold your breathe. lol

ETA: The battle images may not show correctly in Firefox. They are fine in IE.
brush/texture credits

New layout

Nov. 19th, 2005 07:22 am
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Ok so it might be a little early... but bugger that. If the highstreet can have it's lights up already then so can I! :P

I'm really pleased and excited about this layout as it was all done from scratch. It was made using just custom shapes and the warp tool. Do you like?
I've also made it into a wallpaper :D

1024x768    1280x1024

ETA: Not sleeping - just photoshopping. )
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I may actually have something of interest to say.

4 wallpapers this way )
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I don't think I am that keen on the Ewan wallpaper... Sorry [ profile] evil_trisha  :( I'll have to try him again sometime.

Click the thumbs for 1024x768

Jake Gyllenhaal

Ewan McGregor

brush/texture credits
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This is the time of year when all the TV shows I watch start to air sporadically and I struggle to keep track of them. So I took the opportunity to check through my list and I found that I have already dumped the majority of the shows I started with this season.

My loyalty to ex Buffy actors led me to try out “How I met your mother”, “Kitchen confidential” and “Bones”. I didn’t stick with any of them but I think I would probably be a casual viewer of “Bones” if it ever makes it across the Atlantic but I’m not going to actively seek it out.

I’ve never been a huge fan of crime or medical shows so I suppose I was unlikely to be blown away by “Bones”. The only procedural shows I’m still watching are “House” and “Cold Case”. I love the characters in “House” so I’m able to ignore the fact that I really don’t understand much about each medical mystery. “Cold Case” is kind of a guilty pleasure – I don’t think it is great telly but I quite like the social history and visualisations of the flashbacks.

I was hopeful that I would like the whole bunch of paranormal/alien shows that premiered this season but most of them failed to maintain my interest so  I only watched a couple of eps of “Threshold”, “Surface”, “Invasion” and “Night Stalker”. I have found “Ghost whisperer” to be entertaining in a kind of unassuming sort of way. It doesn’t blow me away but it is a pleasant enough way to pass an hour. “Supernatural" is the only one of the new shows that has really gripped me. It has some proper scary moments and I find the focus on just the two brothers rather than a wider cast gives it quite unique feel.

Of the continuing series I have stuck with “Hex”. I still have a soft spot for it even though it is totally bonkers and refuses to follow even its own dubious logic. Although I have continued to watch “Alias” I do feel it is struggling this season. It seems to be generally assumed that this will be the last season and I hope that they will be able to deliver a decent finale because it would be a shame for it to go out on a whimper.

This brings me to my two favourites from last season “Lost” and “Veronica Mars”. I have to say that I have been quite disappointed in the second season of “Lost” so far. I know it is “Lost” and nothing should be taken for granted but the hatch reveal and the tail section survivors have not been great developments for me so far. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Ana-Lucia gets some character development and that something awful and permanent happens to Michael because his constant whining is really getting on my nerves now.

I haven’t noticed a lot of raving about “Veronica Mars” this season. I hope that doesn’t mean it is getting killed in the ratings because I am still very much in love with this show. I feel that second season has developed from the first, the new cast members are not jarring and the writing remains solid. I like the return of snarky Logan, the “Veronica Mars accuses me of evil” scene was just brilliant. I also like that Wallace has been given a bit more to do this season he is a great sidekick but Veronica does take him for granted and it is good to see him stand up for himself.

So there we have it - my not very interesting commentary on the shows I’ve been watching and the ones I’ve given up on. In fact this post is just a way of padding out yet another “look at my wallpapers” entry. :D

House 1024x768 (click thumb)

Veronica Mars 1024x768 (click thumb)

brush/texture credits

p.s.  My vidding dry spell continues...I've had several ideas for vids in various fandoms but so far none of them have come to fruition.

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