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I've posted a bunch of old and new icons over at [livejournal.com profile] halfamoon

Half a Moon is a fourteen day challenge celebrating female characters in fandom, which will run from February 1 through Valentine's Day.
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Video Title: Devotion
Song Title/Artist: Devotion - The Indigo Girls
Show: Xena: Warrior Princess
Summary: Seasons change, time moves on, one thing remains constant. Devotion.
Length/Format: 3.42, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] killabeez Sweet Charity RAINN 3.0. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to vid Xena again your beta was awesome. It's been a huge pleasure!

Download Xvid (768x576 - 85MB)
Download Xvid (640x480 - 50MB)
Download Xvid (384x288 - 25MB)
Low quality Imeem stream.

Feedback much welcomed.

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"Boom Boom Ba" .m2v is linked up for a very short time as per request. Anyone that didn't grab it last time now is your chance. :)

*click here to be taken to the post*
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I have posted these recs elsewhere but I thought I may as well post them in my own LJ too.
My comments are sometimes a bit brusque and a bit shallow but that's what you get from reccing all those vids in a spate of 1 or 2 sessions. The vids that I list are from a wide variety of fandoms. I love to watch more or less everything and my taste in style and music is not limited. *grin*

If there are grammatical errors sorry. My brain is like mush.

On to the vids )

If you come across any site errors please do let me know. Oh and don't forget to feed the vidders!
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Video Title: Boom Boom Ba (REMASTERED)
Song Title/Artist: Boom Boom Ba - Metisse
Show: Xena
Summary: This video focuses on the sensual aspects of the show Xena and the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle. This was made originally in Oct 04 for a theme challenge and the theme was “lust”. This vid plays heavily on the lust, the swaying bodies and the subtext text.
Length/Format: 4.49, (RM, Xvid)

Notes: So, I decided to remaster this video because a few folk requested a DVD version. That wasn’t my only reason but it was the final push I needed. Of late I’ve been thinking about remastering a few of my older vids and this came first because I thought this would be the least difficult. That was what I thought anyway...but truthfully it was a bitch. Most of my problems related to timing and colouring. I know what I did before but the same thing didn't work second time around. Of course I have fixed the timing but the colours are not the same as the original. In fact I think the colours are even better and that is one of the things that I wanted to fix with the new version. The other main difference is visual quality! Back in 04 I was still making vids at relatively small file sizes. This version is bigger and much less muddy . Let’s just say I have learnt a lot in the past 18 months. I did make a few changes in clip choices, not many, and only chosen to make it flow better. This new video, though slightly altered from the old, still remains true to my original idea. It was made as a "mood piece" and that is what it is.

About the DVD version - I have never encoded to NTSC DVD before (PAL for me) so I hope that is all okay. I followed [livejournal.com profile] vividcon's guide which was pretty straightforward on the matter. If any problems do arise please tell me and I'll fix it!

Anyway, I've very glad I finally got around to doing this; I think it was worth it. I hope you guys approve. :)

Feedback always welcome and never turned away.

Download Xvid (640x480 - 50MB. It's huge, sorry!)
Download RM (400x304 - 26.9MB)
stream at imeem

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