Nov. 28th, 2008

charmax: (we wed)
Weeee I just got back from honeymoon today, physically, not yet mentally. ;) I probably won't until after the weekend. I just wanted to quickly say a huge, huge thank you to Milly, Astarte, Xandra, Mister A, Dualbunny, Andrea, Nicky, Kiki, deathisyourart, jarrow, laura shapiro, anoel, zohar, crazywritinfool, nicole anell and gianduja kiss (hope I haven't forgotten anyone!) for the beautiful hand made card with all the sweetest wishes that were waiting for us when we got back. I haven't had chance to look at the DVD yet but I already know it's going to be amazing! I am seriously, seriously overwhelmed I can't believe all you guys did something so awesome for me I heart you all. Once everything has settled down here at home I shall catch up with you all.

The honeymoon was great itself. We both had a horrible cold the whole week but we just got on with it and didn't let it ruin it for us. My feet are killing cus it feels like I've walked miles and miles doing all the touristy things. I took quite a few pics so once I've sorted them all out I'll post them as well as some of the actual wedding. My brother is a semi-pro photographer and he did all the wedding shots, I haven't seen them myself yet.

*sighs happily*

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