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Dear Festividder.

Firstly thank you so much for making an awesome vid for me, I already know it will be awesome, festivids are never less than that.

I didn’t give prompts at sign ups again this year because I honestly would love any vid for these fandoms. In case it will prove helpful here’s a little explanation of what I love most about each source and what I would most like to see vidded. For the most part I haven’t given song choices and my musical tastes are fairly broad.

Thelma & Louise

This is one of my favourite movies but it could really use a happy ending. Any vid about friendship and being there for each other will hit the spot.

Tipping the Velvet

I adore this and would love any vid on any aspect of the show. Much as I love Keeley Hawes I think I would like to see a vid with a broader scope than Nan/Kitty. I love the music hall setting and would really enjoy seeing that aspect highlighted. I have the song that is perfect in my mind: Let The Old Ways Die by Big Red Button. I’ve tried to vid it myself a couple of times and I failed. I remain convinced that it would work in someone else’s hands. That said any song would be great.


This was on my list last year and I would still love to see it vidded. The prompt remains the same. An ensemble would be great with a focus on cooperation and pulling together.


Another one from last year. I really have no preferences for this one with regard to characters, style or song choice, I‘d just love any Blackadder vid.

Sister Act

There’s not much I can say about this one other than that Whoopi and Maggie are made of win.


This is one of the cancellations that has stung the most. I was enjoying it and anticipating it getting better and then it was just gone. I would dearly love to see any vid for this show.


For me Haven is all about Audrey so I would love a vid with her as a focal point. I don’t hate Duke or Nathan in fact I quite like them, I’m just not interested in any romance or love triangle involving them. An ensemble vid about the town and its people would also be great.


Is it even possible to vid Damages? I would love to see it done.

Thanks again and have a blast!

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