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Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a good holiday period. Life has been  pretty hectic for me this year but I'm still here, just. Hopefully next year I'll find my fannishness again.

10 edition | 09 edition | 08 edition | 07 edition | 06 edition

Truth Is In The Dirt [V 2009]
Skinny Genes [Rizzoli & Isles]
The Greatest Day [Chronicles Of Narnia]
All 3 [community profile] festivids

Diamond Mind [Anya, BTVS]

Fascination [Billy Elliot]

Space Girl [Multi Source] for [community profile] wiscon

Come On [Firefly] [community profile] vividcon Club Vivid entry

December: [community profile] festivids vid.

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I'm at faviconcharmax! For anyone that wants to find me over there.
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sdwolfpup hosted this in previous years and now thuviaptarth has just brought it back.

My thread is here.
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09 edition | 08 edition | 07 edition | 06 edition

January: Mr. Blue Sky [Wall.E] [community profile] festivids

February: I Shall Be Free [The Shawshank Redemption]

June: Your Ghost [Supernatural] Sweet Charity auction vid

August: Tiny Dancer [The Sound Of Music] [community profile] vividcon Club Vivid entry

September: Anomie [Sherlock BBC]

December: [community profile] festivids mostly done so it totally counts.

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I've been gone a while but now I'm back and being as random as ever. Don't mind me.

I have to 2 Vidding related items that need to be passed on. Firstly, festivids! This looks like so much fun so I'm going to be throwing myself at it. The principle is similar to yuletide but it's for vids which is doubly awesome. I cannot wait to see all the potential rare fandom vids to come out of it. Very exciting.

These are my own nominations. I couldn't vid some of these myself but I'd love to see them get done by others more able.

Bionic Woman - 2007 (TV)
Blackadder (series) (TV)
Fringe (TV)
Survivors - 2008 (BBC, TV)
United States Of Tara (TV)
Birds Of Prey (TV)
Jericho (TV)
Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain (TV)
Phoenix Nights (TV)
Prime Suspect (TV)
Blackpool (TV)
Tipping The Velvet (mini series)
Mary Poppins (film)
West Side Story (film)
Thelma & Louise (film)
Dead Like Me (TV)
Americas Next Top Model (TV)
So You Think You Can Dance (TV)
Collateral (film)
The Goonies (film)

Secondly, I was the focus of October's vidder profile edited by [personal profile] bradcpu for [community profile] vid_commentary.

The profile includes excerpts from the following vids (in order of appearance):

"Seven Nation Army" (Multi), VVC 2009
"Angel With An Attitude" (Pushing Daisies) Feb. 2008
"Smile" (BtVS/AtS) 2004 (2009 remaster)
"Still Breathing" (BtVS/AtS) June 2007
"Unnatural Selection" (Multi) March 2009
"Club Foot" (Life On Mars) May 2006
"Protege Moi" (Supernatural) October 2006
"Candleburn" (Firefly) September 2006
"Birth of a Geisha" (Memoirs of a Geisha) April 2007
"Tanglewood Tree" (Fingersmith) VVC 2008
"Boom Boom Ba" (Xena) October 2004
"Mambo Italiano" (Alias) July 2006
"I'm Your Man" (Multi) July 2008
"No Bravery" (Troy) Sept. 2005

Follow for streaming and download link.

Other vidders covered in the profile series so far are:
kiki_miserychic - August
bananainpyjamas, aka dragonchic - September

And now I shall love you and leave you.
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bop_radar has posted a poll in vidukon to gauge interest in another one happening in 2010/2011. If you are interested in attending a vidding con in the UK then head on over there. [poll]

I'm going this time!

Vidukon's website
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ebonypsyche has posted a commentary for my vid "Weak" (Faith/Buffy AU. Made in 2004) over at [community profile] vid_commentary.

For an older vid of mine to get such attention as been a surprising morale booster.
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It's going around the flist.

Your software:
AE CS3, Photoshop CS3. For a few months I was using Premiere Pro CS3 but I just couldn't get it to behave well so I eventually conceded defeat and returned to good old reliable 1.5

Favourite video:
The answer to this question is always my next video because I'm full of excitement about its potential and haven't had the chance to fuck it up yet.

Least favourite video:
Everything truly appalling is offline now, hopefully. I think there may be some stragglers on Youtube.

A video that got surprisingly good feedback, but you are not completely satisfied with it:
I wasn't sure anyone would be interested in a Merlin vid that wasn't Merlin/Arthur so in that sense "It's Not Over Yet" went over better than I thought and there are definitely a couple of sections in that I wish I'd fine tuned. Also I was amazed to find someone wanted to use "Weak" as the subject of a vid commentary because I'd forgotten all about it.

A video you like a lot that didn't get the good reaction you were expecting:
Generally I'm happy with the level of response my vids get. I am much more often pleasantly surprised than I am disappointed. "Mainstream" was very close to my heart so I suppose it would've been nice for it to have had more attention, then again I've had a flurry of comments for that lately so I shouldn't complain. "Boogie Wonderland" missed its audience I don't think people could get beyond the uncool disco to see what was underneath. It's still a vid I'm very proud of in terms of internal motion and it's something I specifically focussed on and tried to draw attention to.

Best song/video combo (the song you chose was just perfect for the theme):
Without being too egotistical I pride myself on making the right song choices. Not necessarily songs that I would have on my ipod but that are just right for that character or show. I can't pick out one specifically.

Video you had the most fun with:
"Smile" was remastered for More Joy Day and it was an absolute joy to do. I reconnected to source I hadn't looked at for quite a while.

Video you had trouble editing because of the song:
My two Spike Sweet Charity vids were initially problematical. I had trouble visualising them at first.

A video you'd like to remaster:
I would remaster "Tears And Rain" but James Blunt is such a cliché now I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Also it might be interesting to have another bash at "Weak."

Most inspired sequence you made:
I don't usually think of my vids like that so I don't think I can come up with an answer for this one.

Movie/show you have most enjoyed using for a video:
The superheroes footage for "Destiny Calling" was a delight to work with. I also look forward to using more T:SCC in the future.

Pet peeves (stuff you often see around in vids that makes you go wtf):
Just my opinion, ymmv etc.

-Jumping on an aesthetic or effects bandwagon without really thinking about whether it's appropriate or necessary for a particular vid, examples are grungy textures, acid colours, masking. To clarify it's not the individual elements, all of which I've seen employed to great effect, it's the mindless following of the trend that rankles.

- I can tolerate network logos but when they start flipping and zooming around the screen it really distracts me.

- The intros born out of the desire to avoid Youtube's copyright software that look more impressive than the actual vid.

- Generic angst. I'm not interested in pretty people suffering just because it looks pretty I want to know why they are suffering.

All my vids can be found here.
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I've just posted a vid commentary for [personal profile] trelkez's wonderful Doctor Who vid "Everything's Not Lost."

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[ profile] deathisyourart has posted a poll to gauge interest in a vid commentary comm and when this might be best started, before Vividcon or after?
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Political Remix's feed url has changed, you may need to add it again.  
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Political Remix Video is running a series of posts featuring vidding. They will be focusing on vids that cover war, race, gender and sexuality. First up is my video "No Bravery."

If anyone wants to follow future posts I have set up a syndicated feed.

Edit: The syndicated url has changed, you may need to add the feed again.
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This Youtube Copyright Tutorial needs to be passed along. It worked for me!

Also, I am now at Bam Video Vault. Don't know how long it's going to last...
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THE GREAT VIDDING TRUTH MEME is on again this year if anyone wants to give concrit anonymously.

My thread.


Jan. 16th, 2009 01:39 pm
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You know that second Merlin vid I briefly mentioned here? Well, it's kinda on hold until possibly Vividcon. Heh.

Did everyone see the awesome Charmax tribute/meta-y women and technology vid that [ profile] counteragent posted yesterday, for more joy? She blinded me with science.


Jan. 1st, 2009 12:42 am
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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I hope it's a great one full of love, good health, wealth and vidding.

oh and I am working on yet another Merlin vid. Must strike while the irons hot. ;)
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14 new animated vid related icons.

If you would like to use any of them then please do. Credit charmax. :)


cut for the rest )

More vid related icons: here, here and here.

I've submitted my non-attending premiere vid today. YAY!
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If there's anything you've ever wanted to ask me (vidding related) then now's your chance. I am this months "Ask The Vidder" over at [ profile] spnroundtable here. Just don't ask me why season 3 Dean devolved into such a fuckwit.
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Hi *waves* yep, it's been some time. I have my new computer, it's all sorted and it's "The Beast" with red flashing lights like a cylon. 'Tis cool. Vista has been absolutly fine since I took off all the extra crap that slows it down. It really is no bother. I had heard all these horror stories before I went and bought it but now I can't see what all the fuss was about. Pfft I say. *g* I think I'm pretty much ready for Vividcon now, Club Vivid and theme show vids have been uploaded and I have a non-attending premieres vid that may or may not be ready in time. Talking of vids, I've been searching around for a better streaming service because Imeen is really not doing much for me anymore. I would even go as far as to say Youtube is better. So, with that, and not finding any other real alternatives (Vimeo and Veoh don't work for me) I have decided to upload my vids there. I will still be keeping Imeem I'm just wanting that extra option.

me @ youtube

ETA: The Beast.

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