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This is my third and final volley with [ profile] astartexx for [ profile] art_battle

The challenge was to apply this stock to an art piece. It could be a wallpaper, a header, anything as long as I kept it cute. Seriously though, how could I not! I decided to do a header and 2 icons and because I was on a sugar rush I made some more misc mixed sweet icons.

More this way )

If you like anything here please help yourself and credit [ profile] charmax. Any stocks other than the one chosen for the challenge came from

[ profile] astartexx can you really leave the dark side? Let's see shall we. ;)
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This is my second volley with [ profile] astartexx for [ profile] art_battle

The challenge was to apply this stock to an art piece, it could be a wallpaper,  a header, anything. The stock said manip to me so that's what I've done.
The size is 1680x1050 - click the thumb for the larger version.


I can't wait to see what you come up with [ profile] astartexx. :D

If anyone wants other sizes then let me know in the comments.
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I've just finished another battle over at [ profile] art_battle! Now I'm going to put some serious work into my current vidding project.

The theme this time was Decades
I was battling with [ profile] liadan_bran and [ profile] whylime

I'm very pleased with all these. Yes I am. :D


brush/texture credits
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So as well as vidding I have been busy over at [ profile] art_battle. I am currently in a battle with [ profile] moondancerjen but I won't bother posting my volleys until we are all finished. My last battle with [ profile] lily_sunshine was a good one, it was quick and making non fandom art was really refreshing. If anyone wants to challenge me to a similar art battle I would jump at the chance. :D Anyway, here are the results from the completed battle.

I think I did a rather good job on these!

The theme was Women of many emotions and the rules were only stock females or models.

Volley 1. Morose
Volley 3. Joy (I liked this one so much I decided to have it for my layout.)
Volley 5. Boredom
Volley 7. Lustful (This is another favourite)
Volley 9. Sadness
Volley 11. Surprise (I think this is also one of my best)
Volley 13. Fear (I really love the stock image I used for this but sadly the rest just did not come together as well as I had hoped.)
Volley 15. Envy
Volley 17. Guilt

That is pretty much all on the art front.

Oh and any of these can be made into a LJ header image if requested.

Texture, image and brush credits can be found here


Video Recs

I don't know how many folks on my flist has been keeping tabs on this IJVP (Insane January Vidding Project)? If you haven't, you have seriously been missing out on some vidlet gems! The vidders that are involved with this are [ profile] dualbunny, [ profile] f1renze, [ profile] sdwolfpup and [ profile] pipsqueaky. All of them are classy vidders and to take on this kind of challenge is inspiring. I couldn't do it and to be truthful it would scare the crap out of me. The whole thing seems totally daunting.

How is it possible that videos that good can be made that quickly?

I cannot pick a favourite vidlet of [ profile] dualbunny's because I really do love them all. So far she has done "Dr Who" With the song "A place in time", "Spike/Spike's Duster" with the song "Black black heart" , "The Spitfire Grill" with the song "The Christmas Song". I guess the latter would be my least favourite but not because it is any less worthy in terms of editing or style or song but just because I am unfamiliar with the source. As far as I can tell ,without knowing anything about the film, it's still a good video. Oh and her latest - If you heart Logan/Weevil from VM then you need to see "Cool Rider". You will not be disappointed! :D All I can add to what I've already said about these vidlets is - Although [ profile] dualbunny has made them in a relatively short time she has not lowered her standards one teeny bit. If you know and love [ profile] dualbunny's full videos then you will love what she has done with these. Yay and more to come!

[ profile] f1renze has finished her project now and she has also put out an excellent standard of vidlets. She is another vidder who makes me extremely jealous! I urge you to watch them all - "Angel and his band" will crack you up. I so so love this. :D Another gem is "Buffy, Darla and Angel" with the song "What you don't know about women"

I feel a little guilty because I haven't left feedback for either [ profile] sdwolfpup or [ profile] pipsqueaky. That doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed their videos as much though. I think it is just that I so rarely get around to commenting outside my flist and I don't want to just say "your vid rocks" or something equally useless. Again, I urge you to watch them all but you should definitely watch "The Moth" (Gone with the wind) by [ profile] pipsqueaky (when was the last time anyone vidded a classic film?) and "Orbiting Jupiter" (BSG), and "Thank you for the music" (Buffy) by [ profile] sdwolfpup

All their vidlets are great so go watch! Leave feedback too. ;)

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