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[ profile] astartexx I blame you. This vid/let is eating my brain. Experimentation? MwahahaHa! You will be mine. Damn you.
don't ask me what who/it's about. That will just ruin the surprise won't it?! Heh.

Oh and whilst I am mentioning vidding, Sweet Charity, run by the generous [ profile] lithium_doll starts again soon. Beginning of March I think? I hope to see many of you lot sign up or get involved in someway - it's for a fantastic cause! Can I just remind us all how much we raised last round > £879.90 / $1639.48 that amount is beyond amazing. I hope it has a similar success this time round!

vividcon sign-ups also start soon "registration for attending membership opens Sunday, February 18 at 1PM EST" I will not be going myself for various reasons (living in the UK and being socialphobic being the biggest two) but I am keen to see some of you awesome vidders on my flist sign up. I will probably be a supporting member and hopefully have something for clubvivid.

And the pimping goes on because I have very little else to say

[ profile] get_creative the art challenge community needs many more people to come play. If you are arty inclined like me, then join up. It could be fun!
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1. Vector banner + icon (Use if you like) )
2. Candleburn video tech notes.
3. There is something else that goes here but I forget at the moment...
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Yes, I am completely aware of how random this is and how random I am but I don't have a graphics journal so what the heck. I know some of you on my flist might possibly get some use out of them... ;)

Like? Comment + Credit. Click the image for zip (1.77MB).

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I have been playing in illustrator and Photoshop doing work for my course and I thought I would make one of the flower pieces into a header image for lj. Not everyone wants something fandom based so it's free to anyone that wants it.

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