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Dear Festividder. I didn't give any prompts or music preferences on the form because I really don't think it is possible for a vid in any of these fandoms to disappoint me. Music choice is entirely up to you. If you think it suits the source or clashes with the source in an interesting way then I'm sure I'll enjoy it. I've watched and loved plenty of vids to songs that I wouldn't normally listen to so just go with what takes your fancy.

Should anyone want to make a treat for me that would be cool.

I requested this last year and stated that the show was all about Audrey for me. That still pretty much applies. I'm still happy to see an ensemble vid. I've also wondered if it would be interesting to have a more critical vid that focused on the shitty treatment the show dishes out to any female character that isn't Audrey. Duke and Nathan are welcome in the vid but I don't want them or their relationship with Audrey to be the focus.

Lip service
My preferences are quite broad here. I'd love to see a vid that looked at the friendships and relationships of the main characters. I don't really want an angsty vid. I know there's a fair bit of it in the show but I just want everyone to be happy.

Survivors 2008
I love this show. I could have sworn I'd already requested it but apparently not. I would REALLY love to see a Survivors vid. Again I would love a team/ensemble vid that looked at the dynamics of the group and how they become family.

United States Of Tara
Hey, guess what! I'd really love an ensemble vid for this show. Focus on the alters, focus on the family it's all win.

Sister Act 1 & 2
Sister Act 1, Sister Act 2 or both. Maggie Smith pulls the best disapproving face ever and her and Whoopi make a great team. The world needs this vid.

Mad Dogs
Hello all my favourite British actors in one show. I love the lads holiday gone wrong concept and the fact that they all make ridiculously stupid decisions without actually seeming to be stupid. Shady female cop is also kinda awesome.

Lost Girl
What can I say Bo's cleavage! Bo/Lauren, Bo and Kenzi the awesome sidekick, Trick the world's most awesome bartender. Yet again it can also be an ensemble vid. Please don't go heavy on the wolf angst.

Beautiful People
JUST DO IT! With sprinkles on top.
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