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Video Title: Bloody Mother
Song Title/Artist: Bloody Mother (Alternative title) - Martha Wainwright
Show: Deadwood
Summary: This video follows Trixie's story through the first two seasons. Al, Sol, Alma and Doc have all been influential but at the end of the day Trixie relies on herself.
Length/Format: 3.14, (Xvid)
Notes: This is quite a simple video with no real bells and whistles because the editing reflects the song on that matter imho. It might also not be as accessible as some of my other videos are. It is character/arc driven and some knowledge of the show is probably needed to really understand it. Also, there is bad language in the song. If you know the show then that shouldn't be a problem for you at all.

Feedback loved.

Please do not upload to Youtube or MySpace Thanks!

Download Xvid (720x416 - 32.7MB)
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Deadwood has really hooked me to the point of "I must vid this. I must vid this now!!" To hell with everything else. So for the last week that's what I've been doing. Day and night (almost). I have about 2mins first draft of a Trixie vid. Wheeeeee :D

I need an icon.

Oh and the vids that I am supposed to be remastering? Still in progress...


Jul. 14th, 2006 05:17 am
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Does anyone know of any good Deadwood vids other than [ profile] killabeez's and [ profile] sdwolfpup's?
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I have posted these recs elsewhere but I thought I may as well post them in my own LJ too.
My comments are sometimes a bit brusque and a bit shallow but that's what you get from reccing all those vids in a spate of 1 or 2 sessions. The vids that I list are from a wide variety of fandoms. I love to watch more or less everything and my taste in style and music is not limited. *grin*

If there are grammatical errors sorry. My brain is like mush.

On to the vids )

If you come across any site errors please do let me know. Oh and don't forget to feed the vidders!

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