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Video Title: Candleburn
Song Title/Artist: Candleburn - Dishwalla
Show: Firefly
Summary: Mal always feels the presence of Inara.
Length/Format: 4.07, (WMV, Xvid)
Notes: The original vid was made October 04. This was part of my remastering project because I still loved the song and concept of the vid but found the transitions I used in the original video were a bit distracting. So the main changes here are softening those transitions to make them less jarring with the tone of the song. As usual with these remasters the picture quality is much improved and the aspect ratio corrected. There are a few minor clip changes which I feel add to the video.

Lim asked me to write a breakdown of the transitions I applied in my video “Candleburn” so here we are with some brief explanatory notes.

Firstly there are 3 types of transitions used, one is a soft gradient wipe then there are cross fades and fade to black. I used the gradient wipe to show Inara whispering in and out of Mal’s view. Specific time stamps for those are: 0.49, 0.51, 0.57, 1.33, 2.47-2.50, 2.55, 3.00, 3.07, 3.13 and 3.15. The default gradient mask in Premiere is hard and blocky. I used the gradient wipe in after-effects which allows you to get a much softer effect by using one clip as the mask for the other. On other occasions I have made a soft gradient mask within Photoshop and then applied it within Premiere as a gradient transition to get a similar effect. The key to making Inara appear to be ghostly was in me finding *exactly* the same shot without her in it, even if it was only for a couple of frames. Sometimes I had to slow the scene down by 10%. On one occasion 3.05 where Inara is pointing the gun, the background in the original scene was very plain and blue and so I was able to key it out and fade her in without the background.

The dips to black are fairly self explanatory and were very handy for setting the tone of the introduction. The cross fades were done by manually overlaying one clip and fading it into the next rather than using Premiere Pro’s cross fade transition. By doing this I was able to key frame the cross fade to look as soft and smooth as possible. I often find that the default cross fade transition in Premiere Pro can make the image drop out making the transition look a bit ragged.

The clip of Inara coming through the static 3.19 was done on a separate sequence then applied to the cut-out screen which I made using an alpha mask in Photoshop.

I think that pretty much covers the effects and transitions. There was some colouring done to the dancing clips to make them fit with the inter-cut scenes better but that’s pretty much it.

The idea was to create an ethereal version of Inara that Mal glimpses but cannot quite reach. Although she is a tougher character than this in the show I really wanted the vid to be filled with longing and regret at missed opportunities. Inara’s space is always red and gold and Mal is lost in a world of grey and blue without her.

I think that pretty much sums it up... I hope it's been helpful.

Download Xvid (720x400 - 50MB)
stream at imeem
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Feedback is always fantastic.
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I have posted these recs elsewhere but I thought I may as well post them in my own LJ too.
My comments are sometimes a bit brusque and a bit shallow but that's what you get from reccing all those vids in a spate of 1 or 2 sessions. The vids that I list are from a wide variety of fandoms. I love to watch more or less everything and my taste in style and music is not limited. *grin*

If there are grammatical errors sorry. My brain is like mush.

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If you come across any site errors please do let me know. Oh and don't forget to feed the vidders!


Apr. 1st, 2006 02:57 am
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I have re-encoded the AVI files of "Elevation" Firefly and "The Way We Get By" Supernatural if anyone would like slightly better quality versions.
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It's been a while but I finally finished a video. And what better way to get me back in the swing than to make a gift for [ profile] thedothatgirl
The details are below.

Firefly - Elevation 
Video Title: Elevation
Song Title/Artist: Elevation - U2
Show/Character: Firefly - Ensemble
Length/Format: 1.53, (RMVB, Xvid)
Summary: This was made as a gift for [ profile] thedothatgirl @ It's a short vid (less than 2 minutes). It uses footage from the first episode of Firefly and it's just a general fun video.

Download AVI (Xvid)30MB 640x352
Download RMVB 17MB 640x352

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