Dec. 2nd, 2008

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This is feedback/recs for the wonderful DVD that [ profile] millylicious sent as a wedding gift. Everyone check out the vids and leave feedback for the vidders because they're all amazing!

The one that I want- [ profile] countessmary.

This was such a fabulous surprise, all these wonderful people and their congratulations. Thanks to Morgan Dawn, Mary Crawford, Brad, Kiki, M Phoenix, Trisha and Stefan, stabbim, Steffi, Zohar, giandjua kiss, killa, Andrea, afterthought, buffyann, legoline, balistik. I hope that's everyone. It was so cute and sweet and such a lovely thing to put together. Also all those 80s memories flying back at me was kinda scary.

Field Below - [ profile] thedothatgirl

I love the tone of this. The introduction of the town and then we see Alma and her first view of it through her window is one of violence. Alma is first seen outside when she is collecting her husband’s body. Deadwood is a dangerous place and Alma doesn’t belong. Although she forms connections with Trixie and Bullock she is still seen looking out trapped inside a respectable, dignified façade. There is a real sense of restrained longing and a woman constrained by the times she lives in.

It’s a really beautiful, haunting vid with poor Alma perpetually looking out at the world, the quiet dignity of the final shot of her turning her back was just perfect.

Goodbye Mr A - [ profile] mranderson71.
The Matrix

OMG so much fun. I love Neo’s reaction to Bill and Ted and the lip sync and the literal head fuck gag. All done with characteristic perfect timing and great editing. Love the tongue in cheek approach to the source.

Just Abuse Me - [ profile] xandra_ptv
Dr Who

Companions getting fucked up by the Doctor, must be a Xandra vid. I love the bit with Harriet Jones and her id badges she really should feature in vids more often, and she fits in perfectly here because she did get royally screwed. I love that shot of Jack looking all heroic as he beams out. Sarah Jane grows up but she still comes running when he needs her. The Doctor really was an utter dick around Martha at least she followed Sarah Jane’s lead and got a life and a role of her own. River Song sacrificing all for someone who doesn’t know her, yet and him being pretty obtuse as ever. Poor Donna! Now even the Tardis comes when he clicks his fingers. He’s just so oblivious to other people’s emotions sometimes it makes you want to slap him and he always turns his back in the end.

Cuckoo - [ profile] obsessive24
Angel The Series

Such a neat spin on Lindsey and Angel. What Lindsey pursues so desperately just seems to land in Angel’s lap ( Darla, Wolfram and Hart, even the city itself.) No wonder he sees Angel as the cuckoo in the nest. I love the distort warp on the faces reflecting how they are warped versions of those family relationships. Also I love the sense here of Angel having become Wolfram And Hart’s man without really realising it and there he is a lonely man in a big office.

Overflowing - [ profile] astartexx

A surprisingly strong view of Joanie. Everyone underestimates her and writes her off. Hers is a quiet sort of resistance. Her role as perpetual care giver is continued with Jane but at least it’s not all one way traffic this time. Hand hold on “tell them who I am” is just so perfect and Jane’s arm flail on the drum roll is just awesome.

Soap in a Bathtub - [ profile] kiki_miserychic
L Word

I would never have figured this for a Shane vid but it works so well. The same pattern repeating again and again always felt pretty lazy on the part of the show. I really struggle with the L Word’s ropey character development where some characters change overnight for no reason (Helena) while others (Shane) never seem to learn or progress at all. You really made that work for you in this vid and it really made sense of Shane’s constant self sabotage. The nightclub on the “murky waters” line was great. As for the having found what others are looking for that’s so sweet. As me old Gran used to say “there’s a lid for every pot” which was pretty annoying old lady gibberish at the time but kind of makes sense now.

Fool’s Gold - [ profile] millylicious
BSG Razor

It is awesome to have someone make you a vid so you don’t have to do it yourself. This is very much the sort of images that were in my head when I picked the song for the fan mix. Kendra lost, alienated and haunted. Love the black and white and the spaced out feel of the beginning.

The Reckoning - [ profile] astandra_lay

Femslash galore from the two vidders that know me best, how could it not be perfect. Love the transitioning of the same actresses in different roles. I love that its not remotely sweet but has the same competitiveness and edge that you normally get with the boys. I think it reflects it’s authors perfectly.


I shall update the links as they go up.
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Like the previous few years I will be sending out holiday cards. If you would like one leave a comment (screened) with your address.

If you want to send me one in return you can get my address from last years post. ;)

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