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Video Title: Smile
Song Title/Artist: Smile - The Supernaturals
Show: BtVs/Ats, Ensemble
Summary: Feel good video featuring groups of clips roughly under the headings “Dancing fools”, “Food fun”, “Silly costumes”, “Do my boobs look big in this?”, “Hair”, “The many faces of Angel”, “Hands up”, “Xander Harris: the puppet master”, “Watchers not watching”, “Lame juggling”, “Say cheese”, "Evil hands".
Length/Format: 3.42, (Xvid, Stream)
Notes: "Smile" is an old favourite from 2004 remastered for more joy day 2009. New clips added and tighter editing but still stays true to the original.

Links: Download Xvid (720x400 - 40MB) | Download Xvid (448x256 - 20MB) | Stream@Imeem | Stream@Youtube

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Feedback loved.
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Video Title: Respectable
Song Title/Artist: Respectable - Nellie McKay
Character/Fandom: Spike, BtVs
Summary: Spike through the seasons
Length/Format: 3.52 (Xvid)
Notes: What it says on the tin image, commissioned as part of the Sweet Charity Auction, Marfan.

This was actually made almost 12 months ago (Sept 22. 06) and up until now only available on DVD. The brains behind the song and the storyboard came from buyer Eric.

Please do not upload to Youtube or MySpace Thanks!

Download Xvid (720x400 - 50MB)
Download Xvid (480x272 - 25MB)

Feedback is extremely welcome.

check out my other Spike auction vid here RAINN 2.0
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Video Title: Still Breathing
Song Title/Artist: Still Breathing - Duran Duran
Character/Fandom: Spike, BtVs, AtS
Summary:Spike's redemption song
Length/Format: 4.06 (Xvid)
Notes: What it says on the tin image, commissioned as part of the Sweet Charity Auction, RAINN 2.0.

This is very much a character study of remorse and redemption. The parallels are to show where he's been, how far he's come and how far he still has to go in a geographical sense but more in a personal journey towards becoming a hero. It's also about how he can't escape his past because the same situations keep arising but this time he reacts differently. It's about never going back to his old self or repeating the same mistakes.

My buyer is happy so that makes me happy. :)

Thank you so much [ profile] xandra_ptv, [ profile] messyjessie58 & [ profile] giandujakiss for your helpful beta comments. Sorry if it was you that missed out on the beta process, in total I had 6 opinions on this (which is way more than I usually have) and I had to draw the line somewhere.

Download Xvid (720x400 - 50MB)
Download Xvid (480x272 - 27MB)
stream @ imeem
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Feedback is extremely welcome.
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Video Title: Your Woman (REMASTERED)
Song Title/Artist: Your Woman – White Town
Show: BtVs/AtS
Genre: AU, Slash
Summary: My original description for this back in 03 was
Spike kidnaps Angel to find out why he never loved him. This vid is like the bastard son of “The picture of Dorian Gray” and “Reservoir dogs”
This remastered version still remains true to that as a concept...
Length/Format: 4.11, (Xvid)

Please do not upload to Youtube or MySpace Thanks!

Download Xvid (640x480 – 34.3MB.)

Notes: This was one of my most popular videos when I made it back in 2003. Even when I took it down I would still get the occasional request for it and so I decided it would be one of a few of my early vids that I would remaster. [ profile] astartexx you were my main drive on this. You own me, you know that.

I have been able to use some of the things I have learned since making the original. I have therefore tightened up the timing and played more with the colours. I have also been able to use footage that wasn’t available then. I realised quite quickly that most of the last season of AtS would be unusable because as it turns out vampires might not age but actors do. I did use the historical scenes from the later episodes because I figured that people would be so distracted by the dead weasels on Spike and Angel’s heads that they wouldn’t notice.

This remastered version has a number of new clips and the ending has been completely reworked. The main difference between this and the original is in the output quality. It is now much prettier.

Feedback much appreciated.

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